Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Road Trip in Review - Day 2, Part 1

Today we continue the road trip Mr. B & I took the first week of the can't believe how long we've been back...I want to review the trip before I forget it!

A lot happened on day 2 of the trip. We drove from Houston to San Antonio. Let me tell you, I know this trip well, I've made it MANY times. Mr. B lived in Houston while I lived in San Antonio. We met many times in Houston for the weekend after he moved too. I've seen these sites many times. When I'm making the trip I know  where I am. And, I know the best place to stop is Bucees. They are the BEST restrooms you will EVER use. I promise. Just stop. Oh, and get a Kolache. They are FABULOUS. And the cappuccinos. Those are good too. Matter of fact, we just call it the Taj Mahal of bathroom stops! I promise, if you are ever near the Bucees on I-10 between Houston and San Antonio. STOP! Really, just stop and enjoy. Their sign says it all.

So, once we found our way to my parent's house it was off to lupper for a birthday celebration! My Dad & My uncle were both celebrating turning 50 this's unbelievable! So, we went to Magic Time Machine. Magic Time Machine is a restaurant (one in San Antonio, one in Dallas) that is an experience. All of the waiters are dressed as characters from movies and they wait on you as that character. We had Ace Ventura, Cinderella, Sandy from Grease and Belle from Beauty and the Beast all waiting on us (we had around 20 people there...) It was great fun.

L to R: Sandy (from Grease), Alice (from Alice and Wonderland),
Poison Ive (from Nature), and Cinderella (from Cinderella)

Sandy, Alice and Cinderella even treated us to "You're the One That I Want".

Dora the Explorer...she had some cute jokes!

Joker and my cousin Grayson. We hunted the Joker down and
he provided this awesome picture!
The food was pretty good but the hang out was the best. The whole family together can be fun and we had a great time. Like I said earlier, it was my Dad's birthday and my Uncle's birthday! So, here they are!
My Uncle Kerry on the left, my Dad on the right!
And then here's the whole gang who went. (We were divided into two tables to hold us all!)
Starting at the bottom with Mr. B in the purple and going clockwise:
Mr. B, Sarah (my sister), Victoria (my cousin), Hanna (my cousin),
Sabrina (my aunt), Scott (my uncle), Lee (my dad - yes his face is stuck this way),
and Mary Ann (my mom). I sat between my Mom and Mr. B.

Starting with the bottom left corner and going clockwise:
Scott (my Grandaddy), Karen (my Mamaw), Geana (my aunt), Kerry (my uncle),
Kerri (my cousin), Dora (my uncle's sister), Wayne (my uncle's dad),
Wanda (my uncle's mom) and Larrilyn (my cousin).
When all was said and done, more was said than done, and we took a couple more pictures to celebrate. Some genius (my grandmother!) choose underneath the sign...usually a great idea, except that we were facing directly into the sun! Not a pleasant time, and therefore, not the best pictures ever...we're all squinting!
The son's and the kids.
So, that finished up out dinner out. We had a great time. It was great to have the whole family together in one place. Usually there's just a few of us. And the groups vary a little bit. So, this was awesome...and we spent 2 days together. we had a lot of fun, and there's more pictures to come...but it was a lot of pictures for one post! More to come (tonight even!)

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