Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Hour!

Today, I'm drinking water. Because I need to drink something healthy and that's the best thing for you. So, welcome to my boring drink this week. Soon we will be cracking open my favorite bottle of wine ever, and I'll tell you all about it when the time comes, but until then, we'll just concentrate on this cold refreshing glass of water!

What I'm drinking!

Ok, so I really don't have much to say today. I'm tired. My sleep schedule hasn't been right since we got back from vacation. I'm sleeping until noon and staying up until 4 or 5 am. This is what my body naturally does. And it would be such a big deal, but I would really rather be on Mr. B's schedule. I got up at 10 am today...sadly, I'm proud of that. Let's hope by next week I'm back on schedule!

I guess this post is going to be kind of random...I got a printer this week for work...(since I work from home now and stuff...) it's an HP LaserJet M1212nf. Yeah, it's printer love for me. It's one of those all in one things. I'll never fax with it, but it's good at copying and printing, and I love it. 

My New Printer!!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Ok, so a fact about me, because I'm sure you'd love to know. I LOVE office supplies. Walking into Office Depot is like coming home. I can wander the aisles for hours. Pens, pencils, post-it notes. Yeah, I love office supplies. So, I am THRILLED that this week involved me finding my way into Office Depot for supplies for work. It was ah-maz-ing. And, $82 later. (And that's $82.00, no change. I spent exactly that impressed the girl at the register.) I'm all decked out in supplies...but not quite...I have more I need to buy! Woot!

Oh, and this week, I joined Mr. B on a trip to Mobile, Al. Yeah, he had to go there for work and I joined him for the car ride. I love this working from home thing. Then we drove all of Interstate 12. YAY! Since, why not. And, it's on my 101 in 1001. Yay for progress!

And, next week, my little sister graduates from college! I'm so excited...I can't believe she's done it, and in only 4 years...I'm really impressed with her...I can't wait to go see her walk across the stage!! It's such an accomplishment!! 


Ok, so I think I've rambled enough for one day! I need to get back to work...have a great weekend y'all!!


Kamika said...

Oh geez me and office supplies, its a dangerous thing. Dont even think of letting me loose in a Staples!

Melissa {TheScarletCardinal} said...

Hopped over from Happy Hour...I TOTALLY feel you on the office supplies...sharpies...omg!

Have a great Friday!

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