Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Hour!

Today I'm going to be drinking this:

It's nice and sweet, techinically a "malted beverage" and delish!
Oh, and I found it online here for $5.
Yeah, that's a habit I can support!
But, I will only be enjoying that after the hubby and I do lunch:

I'm feeling like this...
....must. finish. post.

Then we will be seeing this:

Yep, Can't wait!
And, you MUST buy this CD:
Hubby surprised me with this CD - LOVE!!
Oh, and Better Than Revenge is on Repeat in the B's house!
"She's not a saint, she's not what you think she's an actress.
She's better known for the things she does on the mattress."
Lovin' those lyrics!

Oh, and if you are looking for a new make up palette if you haven't tried it already, try this:
Urban Decay Vegan Palette

Ok...Mr. B is finished almost ready - I must go get ready! Have a great Friday Ladies! You can bet your bottom dollar I am!!

1 comment:

Joelle said...

I think...we are supposed to be best friends in real life. Water for Elephants? I have the *biggest* crush on R Pattz and I'm making my mom go see it with me this weekend.

And, confession time: I woke up at 1:00 in the morning on October 25th of last year so that I could download Speak Now. Taylor Swift is pretty much my favorite singer ever. I know every word to every single song she has ever released. I'm not even exaggerating right now. It's kind of embarrassing...

Anyway, thanks so much for linking up today! I hope you have a fantastic weekend my dear!


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