Friday, March 4, 2011

Vegas Bookmaker. What up with that?

When it comes to knowing singers, what they sing, and the names of their songs, I'm not so good…actually, make that HORRIBLE!!! For some reason, the part of my brain that relates those three things together didn't develop, even though I spent 6 years in band, 2 years in choir and way too much time listening to the radio. I have all of the makings of someone who should know that information, but I don't. Like I said, that part of my brain just didn't develop. It's really disappointing actually.

So, very early in our relationship, Mr. B started a game. He would wait until there was a song on the radio that I could know (although HIGHLY unlikely) and he says "If you can tell me who sings this I'll get you <insert crazy expensive item that I'm DYING to have here>." The current item up for grabs is a MacBook Pro. The problem with the system is, he's like a Vegas bookmaker and has skewed the odds HIGHLY in his favor. After he asks, I ususally think for a minute or two, determine I REALLY don't know who this is and give up. To this day, I have NEVER won the game. Not even almost won the game. (Again, the odds are skewed in his favor!)

So, yesterday we're sitting at the mall, and they now have those screens where they play music videos and you can send a text to pick the next video. We're looking at the little flyer at the table, and we start counting how many of the singers that we know. No prize for who wins this, but just a comparison thing. Yeah, we're weird, I know. So, we start counting and a rarity occurs. I know one of the singers that Mr. B doesn't know.
Thanks to Rachel over at {simple.little.joys} I know Adele. She's been posting about Adele for the past couple of weeks and I had taken note. Weird for me. So, I win. I win by one singer! I was thrilled!! That NEVER happens.

The problem is, Mr. B is so good with this type of stuff. Here's a story about what happened a couple of days ago:

I'm sitting in my recliner thinking of a song, and I want to listen to it so I can get it out of my head. But, I can only remember the music and not the lyrics, so I tell Mr. B, "There's a song, it probably came out in 1999, I was in the seventh grade. We listened to it in the gym near the end of the year, I think the song is about like friends and being there for each other. Something like that…do you know what song I'm thinking of?"
Mr B's response. "I think you're talking about Graduation by Vitamin C."

So, I pull up trusty old Grooveshark. (Which, you TOTALLY need to check out if you don't know what it is.) And go to listen to it, and I turn it on, and that's when I find out, not only does he know the name of the song and the artist, he's NEVER EVEN HEARD THE SONG BEFORE. How UNFAIR is that? My brain is underdeveloped in this area, and his is OVERDEVELOPED. So, I listen to the song and we move on with life.

So, you can imagine my shock of having heard of someone that Mr. B doesn't know. It's just a mathematical improbability. So, it's time to leave the mall, and one of the songs from the sheet comes on the screen and I tell Mr. B, "I know that song, you can add another one to my list. I didn't realize that they meant that song."
And Mr. B doesn't know this one either…
And was their a MacBook Pro on the line?

So, in the infamous words of the SNL skit - "What up with that?"


Mr. B said...

One of your best posts yet. And I'm not running a charity get macbook pro when you've earned it!

Carissa said...

hahaha that is so great! What a fun game!

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