Monday, March 7, 2011

"To Meet Some Friends of Mine for the Mardi Gras"

Well, this weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in awhile. On Friday night, two of my very best friends in the world, Mark & Shauna came into NOLA for a quick visit. The original plan was to hit up a Mardi Gras parade on Saturday night, but thanks to a cold front that came through there was rain and no parade. They moved Endymion to Sunday night.

So, in a fashion only Mark and Shauna could provide, we had lemons, and we broke out the tequila and salt. The rain might stop Endymion, but that was not going to stop us. And, so with that mindset it was off to the French Quarter we go.

Shauna & I, in the car and on our way.
Mr. B & Mark (not pictured) are in the front seat.
 After surviving the drive, we made the decision to pay to park on the outskirts of the French Quarter and walk around. We shelled out the $20 on our parking spot, faced the steepest inclines EVER in a parking garage and started our walk in the rain. We decided it was first and foremost necessary to eat lunch. So, we decided on something local and delicious and went to Acme Oyster on Iberville. (Very delicious for any non-locals reading.) And like always with Acme Oyster, there was a wait for a table. So, Mark, Shauna and I decided that a drink was necessary to start the day. And we walked to the corner of Iberville and Bourbon Street for our first drink of the day.

We started off with a Jester.
It's made with 151 Rum and Everclear.
We suggest NOT drinking this on an empty stomach.
So, we waited in line for way too long and drank too much of these babies on an empty stomach. It was a frozen drink and quite delicious. We all enjoyed them. The strange thing about them was when you would take a sip you would feel it sliding down your throat and hit your stomach. We couldn't drink these fast enough and sadly had to pour them out when we got our turn at a table. But, fact of the matter is, it was too much alcohol for an empty stomach!! (We had a buzz before was awesome.) 

Us sitting at the table for lunch.
Note 3 things:
1) Mr. B is in this photo - it's one of the few he didn't take for us!
2) Mark's peace sign. It's in pretty much every posed picture.
3) Our (sadly) empty Jesters. 

We enjoyed some yummy  food!!
If you're going to Acme, the Chargrilled Oysters are a must!

Once lunch was up, it was time to experience the one, the only, the infamous, Bourbon Street. Being a local, I didn't really join in on the bead catching, but it was fun to watch Mark and Shauna try to get a few!

An awesome photo of Mark and Shauna trying to catch some beads.

After a bit of a walk without a full drink in our hands we reached The Funky Pirate. One of my favorite bars on Bourbon Street. Big Al Carson sings the blues to you here on a regular basis. It's a great experience and they serve my most favorite drink ever, the Shark Attack. If you're ever in NOLA, on Bourbon Street and looking for a delicious drink, stop by The Funky Pirate, relax to a set of Big Al Carson's blues, and knock back a Shark Attack. It WILL be grand fun. I promise.

Us with our Shark Attacks. 

After quite a walk, it was time to try and catch a few more beads. Ok. And maybe for the sake of photos (and under the influence of a drink or two) I joined in the revelry on the Bourbon Street. It was time to be a tourist at home. It was fun, but it doesn't quite live up to catching beads from a float! Darn you Endymion.

The three of us catching some beads.
And no, no one showed anything for their beads.

Finally, it was time for another drink. (Really, we were on Bourbon Street...what do you think we did!) But, by this time I had to PEE!! I knew of a bar I might be able to go to the bathroom at without buying a drink, but I didn't want to buy another drink and get stuck buying yet another drink just to use the bathroom. So, I skipped the Hand Grenades. Needless to say, I didn't have to buy the drink at the bathroom stop. And I still didn't have a Hand Grenade.

This made me very sad.
(No One realized I was making this face in 3 different pictures until later!)
By the time I finished going to the bathroom Bourbon Street was getting quite crowded and we'd been there for awhile so, we decided to hike back to our car and go get something for dinner. But, that's another story for another post.

We had fun drinking our cares away on Bourbon Street. We wish we would have had a parade to experience too, but it was a great time with friends! I hope everyone's weekend was as fun as mine was!! Now, good luck to everyone with the Monday grind! I'll make it through on a wing and a prayer...and good memories!

*The title is a line from the Tim McGraw song "Something Like That". Mr. B suggested I title the post "To Meet Some Friends of Mine for the Mardi (Tim Mc)Gras." I told him that was too much for me...but, I still thought his idea deserved a nod on this here blog.


Mr. B said...

I was thinking about that "Something Like That" song by Tim McGraw. That song sort of grosses me out...and I'll tell you why.

1) The song begins telling a story about Labor Day weekend. Since Tim is from Louisiana, I'll assume that his labor days are similar to mine... hot. So then he talkes about having a BBQ stain on his white T-shirt, what I'm imagining is a kid who is 17, who is a little overweight with a messy stain on his "Wife Beater" a-shirt, which most people incorrectly refer to as a "t-shirt", and since this is a song by a country artist I'm assuming they're not going for literal interpretation (in addition to, I don't know of anyone whose ever referred to one of those as an a-shirt in my presence). So that just conjures up a bad image, an overweight kid with a stain on his a-shirt outside all day in a hot humid environment...gross.

2) "She had a suntan line and red lipstick." What I visualize when I hear this line is a girl wearing a halter top who has a bikini tan line...and she's normally a fairly pale color (as the people from north Louisiana are), but this "suntan" is actually more of a sunburn, and she's quite pinkish and approaching reddish. She will not feel well tonight or tomorrow, and she's going to use a lot of aloe and she'll still feel sick and will begin to peel in a few days. Not to mention the future damage she's doing...she's likely a good candidate for skin cancer...but we'll save that for a different comment session. So anyway, in addition to the excessive sun she's gotten, she's also heavily made up (which is what the "red lipstick" causes me to visualize). She's also around age 17 (which I'll admit is an assumption basesed on her willingnes to assocaite with/kiss a slovenly sloppy sweaty bbq stained a-shirt wearing 17 year old kid) and yet she's wearing excessive makeup (perhaps she's trying to look older? Or maybe she suffers from low self esteem and uses the make up to feel better about her looks? Or maybe she uses the heavy makeup to cover acne? - because I think we can infer from Mr. McGraw's infatuation with her that she is quite a looker. I doubt seriously that he'd be so interested in her if she was dog ugly...especially at ages 17 and 22, as noted in the song. Not to mention that men in media portrayals are often caricatures of real men and often super one-dimensional as to only be interested in things like sex, beer and football (or equivalent) and not really the complex human beings that they are. So I think we're correct in assuming she was a knockout, yet still chose, at 17, to wear a lot of makeup - although I'll admit, she might just be doing this to counter the amount of sun exposure she regularly gets, and she uses the makeup in place of sunscreen - but I doubt that...I think my earlier hypothesis is correct). Just thinking about base, powder, eye liner, eye shadow, heavy thick lipstick (possibly even lip liner, and then a glossy cover over that!) and 95 degree temperatures and 85% humidity and very little (if any) breeze...yuck!

Mr. B said...

And then to think about kissing that excessively warm skinned girl and getting heavy waxy lipstick (because young country girls propbably aren't affording MAC or Urban Decay or whatever) all over your lips, and foundation/poweder smeared all over your cheeks...and that hot sun beating down, and that slight headache that's already starting to form, and the ultra greasy corn dogs (with BBQ sauce?) and funnel cakes that you've already eaten making your stomach feel a little sketchy, and the kind of gross feeling you get when you eat too mcuh fried food, and the loud noise from the fair, and the hot dusty ground caking your flip-flop covered feet in dirt, and the smell of animals with sweat with little kids with food with animal "droppings" in the air...not to mention how you have to listen to her drone on how she's going to "double major" at university in the fall and how she loves animals *and* people and how degrees in psychology and animal science will allow her to diagnose people and their pets at the same time, etc.

No thank you...

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