Monday, March 14, 2011


Mr. B is always surprising me with things. Sometimes a movie, sometimes a king cake, usually something I've said I wanted and forgotten about and he remembered. Yeah, my hubby is just awesome that way! I really appreciate that he is always finding little things to do for me.

And usually, I don't get to surprise him much. Fact of the matter is, most of the stuff I know that he wants costs a lot of money <insert playstation 3 here>. So, I'm just not often in a position to surprise him with things. But, I got lucky!! Earlier this month I came up with a surprise and a way to buy it for him!!

Mr. B has been itching for a single coffee cup maker. So, I did some research and decided that I liked the Keurig machine the best. He wanted the Tassimo machine, but it makes more of an espresso type coffee, not regular coffee and I though Mr. B would prefer the Keurig. So, after I made a decision on a $150 coffee maker, I now needed to figure out a way to pay for it.

Mr. B would have let me have the $150 if I would have asked because he is just wonderful like that, but I was hoping not to spend our regular money. And that's when I hit the jackpot. While searching for stamps in my wallet I ran across our gift card for Bed Bath and Beyond and realized it had EXACTLY how much money I needed on it!

We had decided to keep the remaining money until we had some time to determine what we still wanted off of the registry. But, I realized at that moment, I hadn't thought of the registry in months. Literally. We had all of the essentials off of it and the vases I thought I NEEDED 4 months ago, I didn't really WANT now. And I really WANTED to get Mr. B this coffee machine. So, I made the executive decision to pay for the coffee maker with the gift card.

So, I tell Mr. B I need to run an errand and I'm off to Bed Bath and Beyond with a quick call to L&L to see what their research had told them on their Keurig. They research things like Mr. B researches things and I figured since I could ask Mr. B, L&L would be my next best source. So, I got the answers I needed and it was time to go shopping.

And shop I did!!

And I got home, and Mr. B was SURPRISED! He knew I was getting something for him, but he had no idea what I could possibly have up my sleeve! (I usually "surprise" him with tickets to a baseball game each year, but it's not baseball season so, he was clueless!) It really made my day to do this for him! Fact of the matter is, he's just amazing and I like to do things to make him happy and, the best part, when I told him it cost us  nothing because I used the gift cards! That was worth all of it!!

Mr. B pulling the Keurig out of the box!
Mr. B - very excited to have a Keurig of his very own!

And the unwrapping continues!

All unwrapped and ready to go to the kitchen to be set up!

Mr. B doing the final set up on the kitchen counter!

Ready to brew!! Time for Coffee!!

So, the review: We LOVE it. We can each have flavors we like and it doesn't effect the other! The clean up is super easy and when only one person wants coffee, it is REALLY easy to make just one cup! For us, the name Keurig has become synonymus with coffee. Mr. B asks me in the mornings "Want a Keurig this morning?" Yep, it is that awesome!

1 comment:

Mr. B said...

In picture #2 where I'm supposedly excited, I just don't think the camera captured the essence of my sort of looks like I'm struggling with it.

That's also great that you don't even want the vases well not spent.

I also like the free advertising for Dave & Busters...

Thank you for the Keurig. It has made drinking coffee in the mornings easier, and in the evenings possible (because I just wasn't making a pot of coffee in the evenings for just 1 cup).

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