Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sometimes, the Answer is "Yes"

I'm a VERY hard sleeper. Generally, noises just don't wake me up. I always joke that you can have a war on the other half of my bed and you would have to tell me about it when I wake up. I'm a hard sleeper, and that's a blessing and a curse.

But, this morning, I woke up to thunder and lightning around 6AM. That's weird for me but, it didn't really phase me. I said hi to Mr. B who was also strangely awake, gave the window an evil glare for daring to allow this much noise and went back to sleep until my alarm went off.

When my alarm went off (for the fifteenth time) I got up and got ready taking into account the wonderful rain that had been falling for way too long. I headed downstairs and Mr. B and I packed up lunch, grabbed our coffees and out the door we went. My last thought as I was grabbing everything was "God, please let the street be flooded. I just want another minute at home." I stepped out the door, and saw concrete.  I pulled myself together, and started to get into the car, when plans changed.

Mr. B walked to the end of our driveway only to learn that the street was indeed flooded. Matter of fact, our street looked something like this:

The flood waters on our street.

More of the flood waters on our street.
Notice how high the water is on the SUV. It had actually gone DOWN at this point.
This is also as the water is getting shallower, it's deeper behind the SUV.

This is about 20 minutes after I got outside.
They were just starting to let people go through and they still advised against it.

My praises started to God IMMEDIATELY!!! We quickly assessed the situation. Cops were blocking our road at either end, but we were on the edge and could possibly get out of the neighborhood another direction, but lo and behold, all reports coming back were saying the rest of our neighborhood was WORSE than our street. Could my luck be this good? Apparently. So, I called in to work and told them I would be late as I couldn't get out of my neighborhood.

While we were standing there talking to our neighbors, we learned something that explained A LOT. You see, there is a tree behind our apartment on the neighbors property. It's just a little tree, but a tree none the less. And, come to find out, the REALLY loud thunder we heard actually belonged to lightening that hit that little tree. It's a shame to see the tree damaged, but it also explains why thunder and lightening woke me up!

Mr. B checking out the tree.

Mr. B still checking out the tree.
The limb that's blocking the neighbors garage is the limb the was hit.

So, I got into work an hour late, and everything had just about cleared up. It was nice, it gave me an extra couple of minutes at home and I appreciated it! But, now I'm at work (on lunch!) and life's back to normal. And thankfully, it's Wednesday!!

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