Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Hour AKA So, here's a toast!

Yay! It's Friday again! I can't wait to get home and drink a big ol' glass of water!! (Like I've been doing all day!) It really helps me feel good...oh water, you hide your wonderfulness behind your lack of good taste. I will drink you up now though, because you make me feel good!

Today, I feel like I want to make some toasts. I hope that everyone will pull out their beverage of choice (adult or not) and join me. Because, really, who doesn't enjoy toasts?

~( one )~
I have 5 days left at my Craptastic Job. I can't wait to be free from this place. Life is going to improve TONS next Friday when I walk out the door forever! The Mine, you have been a steady pay check that I won't miss!! So, here's a toast to moving on to newer and better!

~( two )~
Today I am going to start packing up my desk at the Craptastic job. Seriously, I want the bare minimum at the office next week! All of my personal stuff is going home and all of the stuff I won't need is being transferred to my wonderful coworker. Good luck ma'am...I'm leaving and I'm not looking back! So, here's a toast to lightening the load!

~( three )~
Since I'm leaving my Craptastic Job, I have a much better job I am going to be doing full time! I'm thrilled. I LOVE my boss...he is awesome and totally doesn't put any pressure on me and appreciates my hard work. What's not to love about that? So, here's a toast to great bosses you can appreciate more because of the bad ones!

~( four )~
My new favorite word is Craptastic. I found it while reading someone's blog, I don't even remember now who's, and I love it. It really says all I want to say. So, here's a toast to the blogging world and all you've taught me!

~( five )~
Of course you know that L&L had a baby in February, beautiful Parker, and I love her to death!! She's just about the cutest thing I've ever done seen!! And I'm super proud to be her aunt! And, it was just officially announced that one of my cousins is going to be having a baby in November. I am SO happy for them both. I am also SO happy for me. They'll keep everyone busy for awhile so no one will notice that we're NOT having a baby!! I want to enjoy this time just being newlyweds and am so happy that these people I love so much are taking the spotlight off of me!! So, here's a toast to wonderful babies, wonderful parents, and the freedom they allow me through all of their hard work!

~( six )~
Today the hubby is out playing golf with a friend. I am SO envious! I love golf. I like going to the course. I like the fact that I can take my time and that's acceptable. I like driving the golf cart (who? me?). I like the peace of being outdoors and working my body. I wish I was the friend he was playing golf with today. So, here's a toast to all of the golf I'm going to play when I'm done with this (craptastic) job!

~( seven )~
And we'll make this the last thing, I am looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. Mr. B and I were so busy until February that this month is the first one we spent quietly at home. I've loved it. Next weekend we're visiting family in San Antonio and I'll miss the quietness of home! So, here's a toast to home and hearth. And Mr. B.

Everyone have a great weekend. Enjoy whatever drink you have in hand and whatever plans you have!!


Joelle said...

Congratulations on finding something new! And I hope the next week goes by super fast for you :)

Thanks for linking up again today!


Sarah said...

I love the number seven - having quiet time/weekend at home! :) I haven't had that in a long while, but I'm hoping that that'll come round soon. :) And oh, I remember having quite a crappy part-time job a year back. Too excited to leave that place! Yay for new-found freedom! ;)

Have a lovely weekend, Betty! x

p/s: Found you via {Where We Love} Happy Hour!

Married In Chicago said...

hahaha. this post made me laugh! Sometimes things truly are just craptastic!

Mr B. said...

Driving the cart is one of the more aspects of golf. I typically sing "Dr. Feelgood" by Motley Crue while I'm driving. I have no idea why...just seems to come out when I'm driving the cart.

Non-Editing B. said...

more fun aspects...I mean

Anonymous said...

I am glad you have found a better job!

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