Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Favorites: Sunday Nothingness

Welcome to the return of Friday Favorites! This week I'm honoring the two things I love most about Sundays, BESIDES Mr. B, of course!

You see, Sundays are my "do nothing days". Everything to be accomplished on the weekend, must be done on Saturday because Sunday is my day. I don't want to do anything productive. I want to veg in front of the TV, watch more movies than is acceptable, maybe take a nap with Mr. B and just generally "bum it". (Seriously, I might not even put in my contacts and brush my hair. All of that is optional on Sundays.) So, here are two of the things that make my lazy days the wonderful nothingness they are!

Friday Favorite #1:

My Recliner

Now, I wish my recliner was this attractive, but it's not. And really, I'm OK with it. Fact of the matter is, it's comfortable and I refuse to get out of it on Sundays. It's just that wonderful. I frequently tell Mr. B that I'm not leaving that chair all day. And, I frequently don't except to go to the bathroom and other things Mr. B can't do for me.

Friday Favorite #2:

My Pajamas

Again, I wish they were this cute!! I really need to invest in some because fact of the matter is, if I'm not brushing my hair (yes...I'm partially ashamed to admit this on the internets, but if I can't be honest here...) I'm definitely NOT getting dressed and comfy pajamas just make my life better!! I'll wear them all day while I sit in my recliner. It's awesome!!

So, here's to Friday. And Sunday Nothingness. Two of the best days of the week!! I hope everyone has a good weekend!!

*I found these photos through google. I was at work and couldn't spen the time finding out more about them. If they're your's, let me know, I'd love to give you credit!

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