Thursday, February 3, 2011

When It Rains, It's from your Upstairs Toilet

Mr. B and I have agreed for a couple of years now that we aren't interested in owning a home yet. We just don't want that responsibility yet. We want the freedom that renting gives. Such as, not having to worry about repairs, and twice this year, we have been reminded just how happy we are renting.

For instance, we were reminded quite loudly last night. When I got home from work, I went into the kitchen to make the grocery list. I opened up the fridge to look and see if I needed to replace anything because it was out or running low and noticed a small puddle of water on the floor underneath the fridge. I thought it was odd and called Mr. B into the kitchen to get his opinion. We looked at it for a minute and decided maybe we had dropped an ice cube or spilled something and hadn't noticed. So, we packed up and headed to the grocery store. When we got back, Mr. B went into the downstairs bathroom and noticed the ceiling to the bathroom was dripping, which needless to say, was odd. So, we decided to call the landlord and let them know there was actually a problem. But first,we needed to clear out the closet directly below the upstairs bath. I have all our wedding stuff in there that I need to go through, and some pictures and stuff and I didn't want them to get ruined. So now, our whole place is a mess. The living room is filled to the gills with stuff, there's water just about everywhere AND we have yet to identify where the problem was coming from...until it was time to go to bed. I went into upstairs bathroom (which is directly above the downstairs bathroom), lifted the lid to the toilet and noticed that the water was literally to the rim of the bowl. So, obviously there's a problem with the what.

My first thought was great, now the toilets are backing up. You see, last month, the sinks were backing up and bringing stuff from the pipes back into my sink. It was DISGUSTING. But, I noticed the water in the toilet was clear, so this was not water backing up, plus, there wasn't water in the tub and the downstairs was fine except for the rain in the bathroom. So, I start looking around and notice water dripping off the side of the toilet. I couldn't determine where the water was coming from beyond that, but most definitely the water was coming from the toilet. (Mr. B has given it a diagnosis of cracked toilet tank.) So, we turned off the water to the upstairs toilet at the valve to hopefully stop the leaking.

So, plumbing has not been our friend this year. And, I'm starting to question whether or not I want to stay here. When I moved in almost 3 years ago, I got a super deal on it, but I asked for them not to upgrade it to keep my rent down and apparently, it's starting to really need some of those repairs. The landlord takes care of things but we always have to have them come out and look at it, tinker with it, find out the tinkering didn't help and only then do they call a repairman.  Which matters because it usually equates and extra day or so before it gets repaired and when it's the A.C. or plumbing, this can be a real inconvenience. I just don't know if it's worth it anymore. Oh, the thoughts to be thunk...

Well, I'm off to think those thoughts...

<3 Mrs. B

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