Saturday, February 12, 2011

So 2000 and Late - Part 1

Yes, I'm a little late on getting to some of my posting, and I went back and forth on if it even matter to blog on:

Thanksgiving 2010.


Christmas 2010.

And then I decided, better late than never. I want to write about our first Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a married couple, and I'm going to do it. If you're done with the holidays until they come around again, just skip any of my posts entitled So 2000 and Late. They'll get part numbers and what not, so enjoy.

This first post, is a picture post of our apartment all decked out for the holiday season!! I was so happy with it and was quite sad to take it down. We traveled for almost 2 weeks at the end of the year so I didn't get to spend 2 whole weeks in our decorated home, so I rebelled and left the decorations up 2 weeks later than I usually would. I felt like a kid sticking my tongue out at societal norms. Ah, it was wonderful. So, without any further ado, our A.P.T. decorated for Chrissymus!!!

When I was growing up, my Mom always put pine garland up like you see in my pictures. (The only difference is she used red bows instead of ornaments.) For me, this is a BIG part of what makes it feel like Christmas to me, and this year I finally bought pine garland to put up and it was TOTALLY worth it. It just felt more like Christmas to me. I was really sad to take everything down I was just SO happy with how the A.P.T. turned out this year!!

And finally, here is our Christmas Tree. I have decorated a tree for the past couple of years and it was just me, so I have VERY girly christmas oranaments. Things like purses, shoes and Barbie's.  This year I realized that I didn't have anything manly for Mr. B to hang on the tree. So, I went out and bought him an ornament just so that there would be something for him!! We're going to have to work on getting a better selection of Christmas ornaments for next year!!! So, here's the tree!!

So, that's a bit of our place for Christmas. I was pretty happy with it, and I can't wait until next Christmas when we get to decorate again! Keep your eyes open, and you might get some more Christmas in February!

<3 Mrs. B

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