Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. B - Month 1

Mr. B & I - Our First Dance
I realized the other day, that because Mr. B and I got married right before the always hectic Christmas season, that I haven't done a very good job of documenting what's happened in our marriage, so this is kind of a recap to get us caught up - hopefully before Monday, when Mr. B and I will have been married for 3 MONTHS!

The first month of our marriage was CRAZY busy. We got married, took the next day off to rest some and went back to work on Tuesday. Yep. We worked that week and then took the whole week of Thanksgiving off. Which was FABULOUS!!! We just spent that week relaxing, doing some cleaning, and starting the seemingly never ending process of moving Mr. B into my apartment (affectionately called the A.P.T.). We bought our first Christmas tree as a married couple. (You can read about that adventure here.) And, enjoyed our FIRST married Thanksgiving with Mr. B's family. (A little about that is here.)

But, the big events weren't slowing down in our family! L&L were now 7 months pregnant and it was time for Baby Shower #1. (You can read all about my side of it here and you can see Lindsay's side here.) As if that wasn't more than enough for one weekend, the next day we had our registry completion event annd we got to spend a lot of the gift cards we got from my shower and our wedding gifts! It was a great time and we even won an All-Clad skillet as a door prize. My FIRST All-Clad...I'm in skillet-love!!

After all of that, we didn't really get a chance to slow down! We had to get everything cleaned up because my grandparents were coming in town the next weekend and we had to be ready to host them! So, I quickly got all of the new things put away and got the house cleaned! We enjoyed spending a weekend with them, and this is where my blogging fell behind! We spent a great weekend with them and you will be able to read about that soon in one of the So 2000 and Late posts. As soon as I post the appropriate one, I'll update this post!!

We then rounded out the first month of our marriage by visiting some acquaintences to try and get our TV fixed...yep, that's right, our TV broke in Month 1 of our sad!

So, that's month one of our marriage. It was great getting settled into living together and unwrapping wedding gifts. Not to mention the shopping spree that occurred!! I'm going to let you know more when I post about month 2 next.  But, I've got to get back to my calendar at work so that I can know what all we did!!! 

<3 Mrs. B

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