Saturday, February 5, 2011

Movie Review: The Way Back

Make Up

According to the Academy: "Make is any change in the appearance of a performer's face, hair, or body created by the application of cosmetics, three-dimensional materials, prosthetic appliances, or wigs and hairpieces, applied directly to the performer's face or body."

Movie Review:
This movie was a real pleasure to watch. A group of men who are in a Russian Prison Camp in Siberia escape, become wanted criminals in Communist Russia and take off, on foot, for a trip of over 1,000 miles to reach freedom in India. The movie followed them throughout their trip and the struggles they go through to reach freedom. In the end you have felt a ton of emotions and find hope in the human race with the final scene of the movie. This movie was great!! (I'm surprised it didn't get a best picture nomination, it was that good!) And I recommend you see it when you get a chance. Some of the scenes are a little difficult to watch but the movie is GRIPPING. Not to mention, there is always some breathtaking view being shown! It was long, but I never felt that it was. Again, it was a great movie - worthy of an A.

Make Up Review:
After watching the movie, there was no question in my mind why this movie was nominated for Best Make Up. You watched the characters go through varying levels of malnutrition, through the hot and the cold and you never once questioned where they were because of the makeup. Every flake of skin, every sunburn, every change in appearance because of the weather they were experiencing looked REAL. The makeup artists on this film did an amazing job. I hope they win the Oscar for this because of the style of make up they did and the realism they captured with it. It was AMAZING to say the least! The make up in this film resoundingly earns an A+(++++) it was just that good!

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