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Movie Review: TRON: Legacy

I hope you enjoyed your little break yesterday from movie reviews! I enjoyed giving it to you, but it's time to move on, and that includes a return to movie reviews. I find that blogging has to relate to what goes on in my life, and right now, the Academy Awards are what is going on for Mr. B and myself. We really enjoy this time of year, and this is what you'll probably get every year! No worries though, I have a few non-movie posts already planned to help get us through this month! Now, onto the point of this post! Tron: Legacy.

Sound Editing

I had to do a little searching to find a definition for this that I liked. The Academy gives a very technical definition that only made sense after a little further research. For this reason, I am going to provide you with two definitions and hope that, together, they can actually help us all make sense of this!

From the website Difference Between, they very clearly state that "sound editing means CREATING sound from nothing." Because a film can be nominated for Sound EDITING or Sound MIXING (depending on which rules it qualifies for) they also explain the difference (hence the name, Difference Between.) So, for clarity's sake, I am also going to give you the rest of their definition so that it the difference can be understood. "Mixing simply means mixing AVAILABLE sounds to highlight or at times balance a particular scene."

The Academy defines sound editing as an award for the "Supervising Sound Editor diretly involved in and primarily responsible for the planning, creation, direction, and execution of the sound design and editing for each achievement."

So, if you are now as throughly confused as I am, I'll go ahead and give you my review of the movie...

Movie Review:
I enjoyed this movie. It definitely hasn't been my favorite of the movies I've seen, but it was good. And, really, can you complain about having to sit through a good movie? So, we follow Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund - who is also in Country Strong, nominated for Original Song. See my review here.) as he grows up in a digital world that his father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) created. This is a real coming of age style movie with a very strong good vs. evil, Creator vs. Creation, biblical allusion thing going on. Even to my "I don't pay attention on this level" eye, I EASILY saw these different plot devices. There is no problem with this, actually, I kind of like it. It helps me to easily understand the story. Unless you've just written the next Sixth Sense (a movie I really enjoy) I don't need major plot twists to keep me happy....just saying. I'm going to say the 3D aspect didn't add much to the movie for me except to help set the mood of the movie when Sam Flynn entered and exited the digital world. But, I think they could have saved both of us some money by not putting it in 3D and just putting a little more effort into other aspects of the movie. (This is just one person's opinion, but really...I don't think the 3D was worth the $3 addition to my movie ticket. To stay consistent, I'll give this movie "B." It was in no danger of being merely average. I really did enjoy it. But, it was also in no danger of wowing me. And, a movie needs to "wow" me to get the A+++++...that even Ralphie dreams of in A Christmas Story.

Sound Editing Review:
I will say, the sound editing was pretty good in this movie. There were many sounds that did seem unique to the TRON world and helped to tell the story. You quickly learned what sounds meant in this new world and they helped to set the mood and more. It seems, from what I can gather the point of Sound Editing. I am having a hard time associating a letter grade to this movie right now. I can honestly say, I've never really paid close attention to sound editing before so, I have nothing to compare it to. With all of this being said. Let me watch the rest of the movies in this category before the Oscars, and I will come back and give you a letter grade!

So, this is TRON: Legacy. If you get a chance, see it. But, there are several movies I've already reviewed the require consideration before seeing this!

<3 Mrs. B

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