Sunday, February 20, 2011

Movie Review: The Lost Thing

Short Film (Animated)

According to the Academy, "a short film is defined as an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits. This excludes from consideration such works as: 1)previews and advertising films, 2) sequences from feature-length fils such as credit sequences, 3) un aired episodes of established TV series, 4) unsold TV series pilots." The Academy further defines an Animated Short film as being "created by using a frame-by-fram technique, and usually falls into one of the two general fields of animation: character or abstract...Documentary short subjects that are animated may be submitted in either the animated short film category or the documentary short subject category, but not in both."

Movie Review:
This short, like so many animated shorts, is a bit strange. Good, but strange. The movie follows a little boy who finds a strange contraption at the beach. Much like a child who finds a baby bird, a lost dog or another small animal, he wants to take the contraption home and keep it. His mom and dad quickly tell him that is not an option. So, he goes in search of a place for the thing. The first place he tries he decides against and finally finds a home for the thing with a little help. It was a nice little story, but nothing to write home about. I give this movie a C.

Short Story (Animated) Review:
I just wasn't impressed with this movie. I really enjoyed a couple of the others so much it just highlighted how average this was. It was fully developed, the animation was good, it just didn't wow me. Day & Night and The Gruffalo wowed me. This didn't. I give it a C.

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Mr. B. said...

I didn't "get" this one. The lost thing is a squid-like, octopus-like thing inside of a metal object (somewhat like a ceramic pitcher, somewhat like a buoy, somewhat like a bomb casing?). For some reason I was put off by what the lost thing was, because I couldn't really define what it was and I spent the majority of the film trying to classify what it was in my mind...and I never quite got there.

I also wasn't sure about what the message of the film was. The boy tries to bring the lost thing to a government bureau, but then a worker tells him on the sneak that the thing will suffer if the boy leaves it there, so instead the boy sets it free in a place in the middle of the city hidden behind a wall from everyone else, other than other weird "lost things". I'm sure there's a message there, I'm just not sure of what it is.

When a movie confounds me with the main object and confuses me with the plot, I can't give it high marks. I think it was my least favorite of the 5 animated shorts, although my feelings about it might improve if someone explained to me what it actually was about. Reflecting on "The Lost Thing" brought to mind conservative vs. liberal ideologies, Kafka's "Metamorphosis", the thological debate over Heaven, and "The Matrix", but after really dwelling upon it, I don't get "The Lost Thing".

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