Monday, February 7, 2011

Movie Review: I Am Love

Costume Design

According to the Academy: "To be eligible for the Costume Design award, the costumes for the picture must have been conceived by a costume designer. It is the intention of this rule to recognize the designing of costumes for their special use in motion pictures."

Movie Review:
This movie had a lot of potential. (And trust me, after some of the movies I've seen this past weekend, that's almost as important as it actually being good!) The movie is about the changes that an upperclass family in Italy goes through as the Grandfather, and family patriarch, steps down from his role in the family business. He passes the family business to his son and grandson. Eventually the mother has an affair and is cast out of the family. As simple as I have made the plot is actually how complicated it is. Which, usually I would enjoy, but this movie is an Italian movie, spoken in Italian. And, because I don't speak Italian, there are some major plot points I didn't understand until Mr. B did a little research on the movie. The mother speaks with a Russian accent, and this becomes important later in the movie, but I couldn't catch that. There are also some scenes that required a better understanding of Italian culture than I have. So, like I said, the movie had real potential! If I were Italian, I probably would have enjoyed this movie 100 times more! As it is, I give the movie a C+. When so much of a complicated plot is lost, it's hard to appreciate the movie above the most basic of levels.
Costume Design Review:
When I heard this movie was nominated for the Costume Design award, I had very high hopes but found myself disappointed with the costumes. It's not so much that they were bad, it's just they weren't very good. I love clothes, and clothes speak to me. Last year's Coco Before Chanel was so much better. I'm not looking for time period films to have the best costumes, I'm just looking for the costumes to be good, and these weren't. I give them a B-. I would consider them above average, but, they definitely don't make the cut for an Oscar nomination in my book.
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