Thursday, February 10, 2011

Movie Review: Another Year

Writing (Original Screenplay)

The Academy did a poor job of defining this award, so I did a little google search and found this definition on "The Academy Award for Writing Original Screenplay is the Academy Award for the best script not based upon previously published material."

Movie Review:
I have waited several DAYS to write this review. I was hoping that a little time to think about and digest this movie would help me see it differently, but it's only dulled my initial reaction a tiny bit, so I figure this is what I truly think about the movie. And I HATE it. I thought that it really couldn't get much worse than Blue Valentine. I didn't like that movie at all. But, at least it made me feel emotions, and I appreciate that. Another Year just made me sleepy. I actually considered taking a nap in the theater. (and it would have been easy, the only other people who had come to the movie had walked out pretty quickly.) It was a slow movie and the entire point was to contrast one couple's average year with the great changes in several other people's life over the same year. And it just didn't rev my engine. I didn't see enough of the characters I liked, saw too much of the ones I didn't like and really just felt annoyed. Annoyed is not a good feeling for me to associate with a movie. And it's the ONLY emotion I registered with the movie. Well, I was annoyed, and bored. I just felt that they were too busy trying to be artistic and missed capturing the character's stories. I'll liken it this way. The movie was like watching a science experiment and the main could was the constant while all of the other characters were the variables. But when the movie was over, all I had were the outputs and no analyization of the experiment or any instructions of what to analyze. Was the point only to collect data? I don't know, but it was bad. It was annoying, it was boring and it was incomplete. And I HATED it. I believe it goes without saying, I give the movie a big fat F.

Original Screenplay Review:
Ok, so the story was unique. Incomplete, but unique. I think that the fact that it was unique qualifies it for Original Screenplay but I wish the Academy cared about how well done the screenplay was. And I just don't think this was well done. I have seen two other movies from this category, Inception and The Kids Are Alright, and both far surpass this movie. So when all is said This gets a D-. Yes, the movie technically made the qualifications and is technically an original screenplay, but it really doesn't do a good job at being an original screenplay.

At the end of the day, all I got out of Another Year, is ANOTHER NAP!

I feel a need to say, just so that you can see I really do pay attention, I found the only bright spot in this film to be the character Katie, played by Karina Fernandez, who only shined brighter due to the poor quality of the rest of the film. Karina, you are to be commended!

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