Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mamaw & Grandaddy

Growing up, my life was shaped tremendously by my Grandparents. (We call them Mamaw and Grandaddy.) They are my dad's Mom and Step-Dad, although I've never really considered the fact that he is my grandfather through marriage. From the time I was born, he was Grandaddy and I've always loved him like we were blood related. I've always been close to him. He bought me my first car, the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, and when I out grew that, he let me drive the Lincoln Town car and when that just didn't suffice, he (and definitely with Mamaw's approval this time!) bought me my first real car. And let me tell you, I've loved each of those cars!
Grandaddy and I also, have two other special traditions together. The first is Sentimental Journey. My high school has put on a dinner-dance for many years now. The Jazz Band hosts it and they play swing music for the night. They put up tables and mark off a dance floor and you get to go dance the jitterbug. It's a LOT of fun, and every year, I put on my dancing shoes and dance the night away with Grandaddy. I've only missed on year since we've started going, and look forward to it every spring.
The other special tradition I have with Grandaddy is going to football games. It started out we went to high school games as a family, my parents, grandparents, sister, and occasionally my aunt and uncle would go. And then, we just started going to games for schools other than my high school. He enjoyed the games, and I enjoyed spending time with him. It was always special to just go watch the game with him.
Enough about Grandaddy now, though, because Mamaw is needs a few paragraphs of her own! Mamaw is special for totally different reasons. I can tell you, since I was a kid, I've always enjoyed just spending time with her. And, I've always felt I could most be myself with her. I trust her more than most of the people in my life and have always felt that overall she respects me for who I am, and for the strength I have that she has not always had. We just seem to understand each other.
Mamaw and I can stay up all night giggling like school girls, even now. We usually have to make ourselves go to bed, but only with the the thought of knowing we have the next day together. I have cried many tears on her shoulder, laughed many laughs with her, and traveled just as many roads with her as Grandaddy.
She's always championed me. When I wanted to wait to see Old Faithful erupt, she told Grandaddy just how much it meant to me. When Mr. B and I got married, she told me to have the wedding dress of my dreams. And I know, when ever we have kids, she'll be ready to help me with all of the experience of 2 kids and 8 grandkids behind her. She's just that awesome. I have more respect for her than I do for many people, she is my hero.
So, knowing how close I am to my grandparents, you can imagine how exciting it was to spend this past weekend with them. They are definitely two of my most favorite people and I enjoyed their visit tremendously!! I was sad to see them go on Tuesday, but enjoyed all of the things we got to do together! I'll post about that soon!
Have a lovely evening, and prepare yourself. Tonight Mr. B and I are going to see the Oscar nominated Live-Action Shorts, the Oscar nominated Animated Shorts and if we can handle it, Biutiful. You'll be reading many reviews come tomorrow! (And Saturday is Day 1 of 2 for the Best Picture Showcase, so you can bet your bottom dollar, there will be lots of posting from me!)

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