Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sorry I have been away for so long. I have been very busy with some big changes in life!!

First, I am now OFFICIALLY Mrs. B!!! Yep, yesterday I went down to the Social Security office and the DMV and got my name changed!!! All of my official paperwork now has Mr. B's name on it, and that is super duper exciting!! I can't believe that Mr. B & I share a last name now, that's super cool!!!

My Last Picture as Betty OldLastName

It was real drama on the name change (they couldn't do what I wanted, and I'm not exactly happy with what I ended up with...) But, I am Mrs. B officially now, and having his last name is the most important thing to me. It's totally awesoem to me that now, whenever someone asks, I get to tell them my last name is Mr. B's!!

My last picture as Betty OldLastName was taken by my phone camera outside of the social security office. It looks like crap, but hey, it was my OldLastName picture, and she's no longer here, so it's ok, all of my crappy looks can go with OldLastName into history...

My First Picture as Mrs. B!!

The second picture was taken at the DMV, just before I was called in to change my license. Now, this was a big deal for several reasons. 1) I got a slightly better picture than the previous one. (My hair and make up were actually completed for this one!) 2) When I walked up to the counter, the lady asked me for my name for the license and I got to reply with Mr. B's last name for the first time! I even told her that! She kind of chuckled at me, but I thought it was cool that I got to give that name! And 3) I was able to upgrade from the UNDER 21 license (which I got when I moved to NOLA, it was vertical, not horizontal like the OVER 21 license I have now is!).

The FIRST time I OFFICIALLY signed Mrs. B!!!!

The third picture was also taken at the DMV when I updated my voter registration to my new last name. It was the first time I had signed Mrs. B and am happy I thought to take a picture of it! (Yes, my first name is actually Mary.)

Secondly, I OFFICIALLY became an Aunt on February 8, 2010. Here is a picture of me and my BEAUTIFUL NIECE Parker Olivia...she is gorgeous, I love her beyond words, and she has been a great antibiotic for my baby fever!! I can't wait to spoil her!!

Me and BEAUTIFUL Parker Olivia!!!

So many milestones in one week is unbelievable!! And then, I have my grandparents coming into town this weekend and spending several days with Mr. B and I, and then life will return to normal! (And I can't wait, I realized with the pictures the past couple of days how much weight I've gained, and I'm going to be figuring out something to do to get active and start shedding some pounds...I'm thinking a Weightloss Wednesday post may be in order...)

So, expect some more quietness from me for the next about 5 days. I will update you as soon as I can!

<3 Mrs. B! (OFFICIALLY!)

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