Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Favorites: Cold Weather Food

So, in New Orleans we've been experiencing some cold weather. Seriously, it's in the 30s for multiple days here. And thats a BIG deal. And, when the cold weather sticks around a bit, I automatically start looking for cold weather food. Food that I won't make during the summer because it's too hot! (I'm NOT going to stand over the stove for hours to make soup in the summer. It's just not right.) So, today, in honor of the cold weather and my food cravings, you're getting my two favorite cold weather dishes!

Friday Favorite #1
Baked Potato Soup

I LOVE baked potato soup (b.p.s.). I love the texture of it. I love adding cheese and bacon to it. I love when I sit down and take the first bite that the cheese is all stringy and sticks to my chin. I love how hearty it. And, I love that I just found a DELICIOUS Crockpot recipe. I made a batch last night for dinner, and I'm eating some now for lunch. And, if I'm feeling wild and crazy tonight, I just might have it for dinner too! I LOVE B.P.S.!!

Friday Favorite #2
Chicken & Andoille Gumbo

Growing up in Texas, this did not previously make my list. But after moving to New Orleans and eating several delicious gumbos, this became a desire of mine to have whenever I could. It's a lot of effort to make and requires a decent bit of time in front of the stove. So, for that reason, I usually make it only once a year. (I might make it more if people come to visit because it's so good for feeding a large crowd.) So, when the weather turns cold, I usually find a reason to make gumbo!

So, now you know what cravings I'm having with this weather! I've taken care of one, and enjoyed it tremendously!! Y'all have a great weekend and stay warm!! And watch out, you have 2 movie reviews coming your way!

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