Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Favorites - 2 Vacation Spots with my Grandparents

This weekend my grandparents are visiting us from their home in Katy, Texas where I grew up. These are 2 of my most favorite people in the world and I love to see them and talk to them. From the time I was born, they have been extremely involved in my life and I love them both more than anything in the world.

From the time I was little they would always take us on vacations with them. In 1996 they took my sister and I on a month long vacation west towards the Pacific Coast and then took us up into Canada. In 1997 they took my sister and I for a 2 week vacation to New England and a few Canadian Provinces in the east. These vacations hold some of my fondest memories and these massive road trips shaped my love for travel from an early age. To this day, I love the chance to take a road trip, and 12 hours in the car doesn't phase me in the least! I LOVE traveling and these two amazing people really helped me gain my love for it!

So, today, in honor of their visit, I am going to tell you two of my most favorite places I've gone with them.

Friday Favorite #1:
Lake Moraine

On that month long trip in 1996, we stopped by this jawdroppingly gorgeous lake in Banff Nation Park, Canada. It quickly became one of my most favorite spots on the trip and was frequently discussed. Mamaw and I even talked of a return trip.  Who knows, maybe one day soon we can make the trip!! I would love to go back!!

Friday Favorite #2:
Prince Edwards Island

This is a picture of Confederation Bridge which links PEI with the mainland. It was a massive project and it had just opened when my grandparents first drove my sister and I across. It's hard to forget a bridge this cool!! (My sister even had a shirt with the bridge on it. It was black and had a graphic of the bridge in white.) We visited PEI on our trip in 1997 and it was just cool!!

Now, my Grandparents have taken me to over 30 states, 7 provinces of Canada and Mexico (twice) and they have taken me to many cool places. These are just two that always stick out to me. One day, when I have nothing else to blog about, I'll tell you the Old Faithful/Yellowstone story. Oh, that still gets Mamaw heated to this day!!

Enjoy your weekend, and remember to stop and smell the roses!!

<3 Mrs. B

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