Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To... Part 2

Back in January I posted And the Oscar Goes To... as an introduction to what I have now named "February Fury" (it's a play off of March Madness...hehe, I know, I'm funny!) We have seen all but 14 movies, which are as follows:

Best Foreign Film:
In a Better World
Outside the Law (Hors-la-loi)

Best Costume Design:
The Tempest

Best Documentary:
Waste Land

Best Visual Effects:

Best Documentary Short:
Killing in the Name
Poster Girl
Strangers No More
Sun Come Up
The Warriors of Qiugang

Here's the story on what we missed. Of the Foreign Films, there were several we weren't going to be able to see because they were not on DVD, or available for streaming from Netflix, so those weren't available for us to see. Because of that, it was a low priority for us to see this category. The Tempest, Waste Land, and Hereafter suffer the same fate as most of the foreign films. Let's see, Documentary Shorts, well, those we couldn't find ANYWHERE! We checked iTunes, and other places. No one around us showed them. It was sad to miss them. There was on Foreign Film (Dogtooth) that we could have seen, but it was made low priority, and two documentaries (Gasland, Restrepo) We could have seen but didn't have time for. So, all in all, I'm pretty happy with how we finished up.

We saw all of the movies in 18 categories. We saw all of the available movies in 2 categories. 3 categories we  we unable to finish watching the movies. So, 5 categories is what we couldn't finish. It's kind of sad to get this close, but not finish. But, fact of the matter is, I'm happy with our accomplishment. 5 movies there was NO WAY for us to see (Documentary Shorts), 4 movies we chose not to try and watch (Foreign Films besides Biutiful) and 3 we weren't able to get our hands on after the nominations were announced and 2 we just didn't have time to see.

So, after having said all of this, I'm happy with how February Fury/Oscar Death Race has gone this year. It's our third year doing it and we were more successful this year than last. Time is a teacher, and this race, like any race, takes training to do well, and we're getting better. So, here's to seeing 'em all in 2012.

Up Next: My Predictions

PS: Yes, I have missed MANY movie reviews but, in consideration that the Oscars are tonight, I have these several posts I want to get put up first. I will review all of the movies we have seen eventually.

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Mr. B said...

Also, I heard that the documentaries submit themselves for consideration in November for January's nomination ceremony, so perhaps if we're looking at the later part of this year we'll be on track to see more docs & doc shorts.

Especially since its easy to watch a documentary and know what to look for, as opposed to a movie like Inception and wonder if you're supposed to pay extra attention to makeup, costume, art direction, acting, directing, screenplay, etc. It can be a bit much...especially since had I seen a film like Barney's Version without knowing about it's nomination for Makeup, I probably wouldn't have even noticed the makeup.

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