Thursday, January 20, 2011

When Did I Grow Up???

When Mr. B & I were on our Honeymoon/Vacation, we stopped in Charlotte, NC to see Mr. B's best friends. While we were there we had a wonderful time. We enjoyed seeing them and their two kids, Little Gene & Little Bug and it was extrememly sad to leave them! But, this isn't about that.

This is about our first night there and my experience while we were at dinner. We had to decided to go to Carraba's for dinner, The M's, their 2 kids (Little Gene & Little Bug) and us. We were in 2 cars, Mr. B, Momma M, and Little Bug in one, Gene, Little Gene & me in the other and it was raining. And it was cold. So, we were dropped at the door with Little Gene and I going in first to get on the list with Momma M & Little Bug right behind us and Mr B and Gene parking the cars.

So, Little Gene and I walked up to the hostess station to request a table. I start off strong, 4 adults, and slightly hesitently, 1 child (Little Gene is 5 - I don't usually go to dinner with kids...) and very hesitently, 1 high chair...I guess (Little Bug is 7 months and boy is she a cutie!!...I don't usually go to dinner with babies either. Also, who knew that they had those cool slings for the baby carriers? I promise, I didn't until this trip!) And, with all of this hesitation, the hostess is looking at me with this look. And this look seems to say "what type of parent are you? You don't know what you need to take your kids to dinner?"

Now, I try to throw her back that look that says "how dare you assume that these are my children and I'm a horrible teenage mom..." and that's the moment it hits me, I mean really hits me. I'm no longer some teenager watching kids that aren't mine and shouldn't be assumed as such.

There, standing in Carrabas in Charlotte, NC is when it hits me, I'm 23, an adult, married and could, legitimately, have kids.

It was a strange revelation. I spent a lot of dinner that night trying to grasp the idea that I'm an adult now. I'm grown up. And that leads to the bigger question:



Mandy said...

we are singing the same song girl.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know that too. Though thankfully you are not confused as a teenager. People still think I am in High school.

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