Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Day!

Also known as my most favorite holiday!

Christmas is great. I really enjoy Christmas. And it holds a very close second place to Thanksgiving on my favorite holidays list. But, for me, Thanksgiving isn't practice for Christmas. I like that on Thanksgiving there is no pressure. With Christmas there's gift giving pressure, there's Christmas cards, decorating, cooking, family, possibly traveling. Lots of things. (And, don't get me wrong, I LOVE doing all of those things!)

But, I love that on Thanksgiving we all get together, eat DELICIOUS food, and (except this year) play a game. I enjoy heading over to L&L's in the evening and planning for Black Friday. I enjoy that there is no pressure yet and we just hang out. The time we spend together is just so pleasant. It's my favorite holiday. 

Again, I love Christmas. It really does follow a close second place to Thanksgiving. So, without any further waiting (and really, if you've waited this long, what's a few more words?) here a few pictures! 
Mr. & Mrs. B!
Our FIRST Thanksgiving married!

Me and My Sister-in-Law.

Our whole family after a day full of eating.
Sadly, this year, there was a little bit of a change in our eat, play Scattergories and go plan for Black Friday shopping. The Saints (Who Dat!) were playing, so Scattergories sat untouched. And, some of our party had to make other stops. It was a lot of change, but the day was still good!

Lindsay & I heading out for Black Friday Shopping.
In the honor of keeping tradition, Lindsay and I headed out for a little, and I do mean a little Black Friday shopping. We went only to Wal-Mart to catch a few small midnight deals. We got what we wanted and went home but we did make sure to get our traditional photo in front of the door with the clock. 

Well, that's Thanksgiving 2010. Changes abounded, and there will be more changes with 2011 as L&L will have introduced Baby B into the mix, but, if there is anything 2010 taught us, is that we can handle the change! And really, Baby B will be great change and the whole family can't wait!

<3 Mrs. B

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