Wednesday, January 26, 2011

RED (carpet ties)

Back, awhile ago, you may remember a movie called RED coming out in theaters. It's an action, comedy flick starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freemen, Helen Mirren, Mary Louise Parker and...Randy Wade Kelley.

The movie is GREAT. I enjoyed it tremendously. The action scenes are awesome. Especially the scene where Bruce Willis and Mary Louise Parker are on Decatur street (well technically they may be on N. Peters, but who's really paying attention...) and Bruce Willis jumps out of the car while it spins, doesn't get hit by the car, manages to pull out his gun and shoot the other guy. It's just a well choreographed scene.

And the opening scene where Bruce Willis' house is demolished by machine guns to the point it falls down is hilarious. They did a great job making the violent scenes just a bit humorous.

And then, Mary Louise Parker's character needs a paramedic. Enter Randy Wade Kelley, complete with speaking lines.

Now, you must be wondering by now, why I care about this guy who has one short role in the movie and doesn't even actually get a name. (Seriously, go to IMDB and you'll find his official name in the credits and everything is "Paramedic".) The reason I care is Randy Wade Kelley is my cousin. Yep. I'm related to a movie star...ok, I'm using movie star pretty loosely there, but it's still totally cool!!!

It was strange. When he said his line, I recognized the voice. I knew the voice. Like I said, it was strange. Totally cool, but strange.

So, now I will shamelessly plug the movie for one moment more. If you've seen it, buy it, it came out on DVD yesterday. If you haven't seen it, see it, like it and then buy it. And know that through just a couple of degrees of seperation you are now connected to a bunch of celebrities!

<3 Mrs. B

PS: In case you don't get the title of post (Which I think is just pure cleverness!) RED is the name of the movie. (It stands for Retired Extremely Dangerous) And movie stars walk on red carpets. So, I'm talking about my ties to red carpets and the movie RED.  So yep. There you have it...

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