Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My New Best Friend!!

AKA: Shutterfly.

Right before Mr. B & I took our Honeymoon in December (did I tell you, we took our Honeymoon in December? No? Ok. I'll tell you all about that soon.) our photographer gave us all of the digital photos from our wedding. All 2,500 of them. No, that is not an exaggeration. Yes, I really have 2,500 photos to look through. And Yes, it is more wonderful than one could imagine.

And, since we're imagining, we may as well imagine ourselves on shutterfly doing REALLY cool things with these photos. For instance, the most recent goal has been creating a calendar with all of those AWESOME pictures. And, as of last night, that has been completed!! Now, sometime between January 23 and January 29, my calendar should be delivered to my house! Yippee!!  I'm sooooo excited!!!

I can't wait to have some of our photos from the wedding in print where I can hold them in my hands! And, I can't wait to bring it to work to show everybody. They all have asked so many times about pictures I'm starting to think that they doubt I actually got married. (j/k). But, I got a copy of the calendar just for work and I can't wait to take it up there and show it off! I'm just thrilled that I have wedding pictures coming in print!!!

So, no more than 2 weeks from today, I should have a calendar in my hands, and I am thrilled!! The next goal: a wedding album. I might finish that this year...if I'm lucky!!!

<3 Mrs. B

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texlilo said...

It took me a while to finish our wedding album but it was so nice to finish it.

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