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Movie Review: Rabbit Hole


Actress in a Leading Role - Nicole Kidman

According to the Academy: "A performance by an actor or actress in any role shall be eligible for nomination either for the the leading role or supporting role categories. If, however all the dialogue has been dubbed by another actor, the performance shall not be eligible for award consideration. Singing that is dubbed will not affect the performer's eligibility unless it constitutes the entire performance. The determination as to whether a role is a leading or supporting role shall be made individually by members of the branch at the time of balloting."

Movie Review: Beware! Spoilers!!
This movie is VERY sad. Matter of fact, I don't think there's a happy spot in the movie, just less sad points. (Although, the movie is never beat you down sad, it ultimately leaves you hopeful.)  The movie involves Becca Corbett (Nicole Kidman) and Howie Corbett (Aaron Eckhart) coping with the loss of their young son. I have not experienced the loss of a child, but I have watched my parents experience the loss of a child, and this film did a great job of exploring the pain and anguish parents feel after the loss of a child. The movie also did a good job of inputting some of the different challenges that would effect a parent who had lost a child.

Best Actress in a Leading Role Review:
Nicole Kidman provided a very good performance of Becca Corbett. She created a very three dimensional character where it was very easy to make a flat character. I really appreciated that you could see that she was trying to live day to day life, but you quickly could find the grief underneath and the pain it was causing. I would give her performance an A+. 

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