Thursday, January 27, 2011

Movie Review: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Part 1


Best Visual Effects
Best Art Direction

Visual Effects: According to, visual effects are "the various processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside of the context of a live action shoot."
Art Direction: According to, art direction is "the overall visual appearance and how [the movie] communicates visually, stimulates moods, contrasts features, and pschologically appeals to a target audience."

Movie Review: Beware, Spoilers!
Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. I have only watched the Harry Potter movies in conjuction with the Oscar Nominations, so unfortunately, some of the story has been lost on me. I am about to figure out how to read all of the books, since despite the years it's still pretty darn difficult to get the books out of the public library. I will say, my biggest problem with the movies has been how dark they have been getting. I get that's how the story goes, but, it's overall been very dark. And, that's what I've been preparing myself for the past few days. But, when I saw it, I was surprised how this movie wasn't quite so dark. (Although, I'm expecting the next movie to be darker than this one.) When the movie first started, I kind of felt like I was back with an old friend and we didn't catch up but just kept moving forward from where we were and never discussed the past. It was a lot of work for me to remember what had happened and I felt lost at first, but after the first few minutes, we were back right in step again. I really enjoyed that about it. Overall, I just generally enjoyed the movie. It was very well done, as all of the movies have been, and I was just generally impressed. I liked that the movie had some scenes in it that weren't dark and allowed for greater use of color and light.

So, I guess I really need to review visual effects and art direction. Last night when Mr. B asked me about my opinion of the movie based on the movie's nominations, I just really didn't have an answer. It took me until lunch today to digest the movie to give it an actual review.

Visual Effects Review:
Some things in this movie are clearly visual effects (read the smoke monster [LOST fanatic here, I'm not translating well to HP] bad guys) but somethings I can only assume are visual effects (read, the snow) and I'm sure there are some things that I just don't realize are visual effects. I'm going to give HP an "A" on visual effects. Any wizardry stuff and things I know are visual effects, don't look like visual effects. They seem to blend well with the live action and for me, that's a sign of good visual effects.
Art Direction Review:
I can see why this movie got nominated for Best Art Direction. It really is good. Why? Because I can remember the emotions I felt, relate them to the scene that caused the emotion. I would give the Art Direction an "A" as well. The reason why this does not get an A+ is beacuse I was led to believe this was going to be a much darker movie than it was. Do I think both parts together might overall have a very dark tone, yes. But, since the art direction is responsible for relaying this information to me I can't give it the full grade.

So, the movie was great, the visual effects and art direction were superb. I really enjoyed this movie and can ask for little more than the movie provided. So, that's my review. It's the first of the season, so these inevitably will get better, just shaky legs to start!

<3 Mrs.  B.

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