Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday!

I wish it were Sunday!

Cause that's my fun day...

My I don't have to run day...

I remember Sunday like it was yesterday. Oh,'re right, it was yesterday. And boy do I already miss it. I miss laying in bed with Mr. B, snuggling for hours just talking and enjoying each others company. I miss left over Taco Bake (and I don't even like left overs!) I miss sitting in my recliner in front of the TV blogging and working on pictures. I miss hanging out with L&L and overall I just miss the weekend.

Speaking of my recliner. Oh, this recliner. It's a hand-me-down, like all of the furniture in our apartment. It came from his parents via L&L. (We really spend a lot of time sharing furniture in this family, it's weird.) So, we got it right after we got married from L&L, they had had it in Baby B's room and decided they were going to get a different recliner/rocker for in there, so it got passed to us. And I LOVE this recliner.

I sit in it literally every day I am home. And, Mr. B doesn't even get the option to sit in it. I beat him to it, and then refuse to move. (Ok...that's not entirely true...I'll get up to go to the bathroom or if Mr. B really wants me to get him something - read, dinner.) But, unless it's called for that's where I sit. Every day. And I love it. I recline back and go to town working on whatever I need to do on the computer. And trust me, with 600 engagement photos to go through and 2000 wedding photos to go through, I really have a lot I NEED to do in that chair. And then you add blogging for you fine folks, and voila, I don't have a real reason to leave that chair, except necessities, of course.

In all of the craziness of Monday, dreaming of that chair has helped keep me sane. Dreaming of that chair and snuggling with Mr. B.

I think that may be the best part of being married, snuggling in bed in the mornings. Nothing is better than when Mr. B wakes up, crosses the middle of our king sized bed wraps his arm around me and kisses the side of my face. That's when life is perfect. I can feel him there next to me, warming my back up from the night (since we like to sleep with it cold.) And just talking for a few minutes before the day gets started. I love it. Sunday we snuggled for a whole two hours talking about whatever craziness we talked about. None of it was that serious, mainly it was two hours of whatever list of inside jokes we went through, but it was wonderful. Again, it might be the best part of marriage so far. I LOVE it!!

Married people, what's the best part of marriage to you?

Well, there you have it, a whole post that is NOT movie related...and you thought I couldn't do it? Well, no fear, we'll be back to movie reviews soon, Mr. B and I have 4 movies to see in the theaters in the next two days, so you'll have another flood of reviews coming your way!!!

<3 Mrs. B

(Oh, and another great thing, but not exclusive to marriage - random I love you texts from Mr. B. The make my heart skip a beat every time, and he just sent me one. I LOVE my HUSBAND!!!!)

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