Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Favorites - 2 Favorite Blog Posts

On my food blog, Domestic Diva's Delicious Dishes, I have started posts that will occur weekly. For instance, I have Menu Monday. It's the day I post my menu for the week. And, I'm about to start Weekend Wrap-Up, once this weekend is over, of course. But, I realized, I didn't have anything on this blog that was weekly, and I like the idea of it.

Why do I like the idea of it?

Honestly, I like the routine of it. I like that (with my food blog especially) it encourages me in some part of my life. For instance, Menu Monday helps me get my act together for the week, get a menu and go to the grocery store. And Friday Favorites is going to be a chance just to slow down and think about the things I enjoy in life. Life is busy and sometimes, we just forget to enjoy it. So, that's what Friday Favorites is about, remembering to enjoy life.

So, our Friday Favorites topic of the day today is in honor of the very thing we are both enjoying right now - blogging. Today's Friday Favorite - 2 Favorite Blog Posts.

This was a difficult decision, as I have read so many and always find myself looking at something new, so, I picked 2 that stuck out in my mind. And, since the title of the blog is, It Takes Two, it will take two favorites to fulfill the wishes of this blog post.

Friday Favorite #1:
I love this post because it includes those beautiful cakes that make me so happy. The cakes featured in this post have some of the detail piping that makes my heart sing. When I'm having a bad day, I can just look at these posts for hours and feel my mood improve by the minute. The Wrecks are hilarious at Cake Wrecks, but honestly, I read for the Sunday Sweets.

Friday Favorite #2:
This post is from my sister-in-law's blog and it was a very exciting post to see. It came just a mere 3 days after Mr. B & I were married and it just made the fact that we were married a little more real. Not to mention, who doesn't like their wedding & wedding pictures out there for the world to know about? It was the biggest day of my life and I loved getting to see pictures of it and see how it was a good thing for someone besides me. Lindsay, I think I was too newly married to really even comment on your blog at this point, but everything you had to say in this was totally the coolest! I'm glad that you got so much out of it too!!

So, there are my Friday Favorites this week. Take this as your friendly, Friday reminder to slow down and enjoy life. It's the weekend and a great time to put it into practice!!

<3 Mrs. B

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