Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday!

I wish it were Sunday!

Cause that's my fun day...

My I don't have to run day...

I remember Sunday like it was yesterday. Oh,'re right, it was yesterday. And boy do I already miss it. I miss laying in bed with Mr. B, snuggling for hours just talking and enjoying each others company. I miss left over Taco Bake (and I don't even like left overs!) I miss sitting in my recliner in front of the TV blogging and working on pictures. I miss hanging out with L&L and overall I just miss the weekend.

Speaking of my recliner. Oh, this recliner. It's a hand-me-down, like all of the furniture in our apartment. It came from his parents via L&L. (We really spend a lot of time sharing furniture in this family, it's weird.) So, we got it right after we got married from L&L, they had had it in Baby B's room and decided they were going to get a different recliner/rocker for in there, so it got passed to us. And I LOVE this recliner.

I sit in it literally every day I am home. And, Mr. B doesn't even get the option to sit in it. I beat him to it, and then refuse to move. (Ok...that's not entirely true...I'll get up to go to the bathroom or if Mr. B really wants me to get him something - read, dinner.) But, unless it's called for that's where I sit. Every day. And I love it. I recline back and go to town working on whatever I need to do on the computer. And trust me, with 600 engagement photos to go through and 2000 wedding photos to go through, I really have a lot I NEED to do in that chair. And then you add blogging for you fine folks, and voila, I don't have a real reason to leave that chair, except necessities, of course.

In all of the craziness of Monday, dreaming of that chair has helped keep me sane. Dreaming of that chair and snuggling with Mr. B.

I think that may be the best part of being married, snuggling in bed in the mornings. Nothing is better than when Mr. B wakes up, crosses the middle of our king sized bed wraps his arm around me and kisses the side of my face. That's when life is perfect. I can feel him there next to me, warming my back up from the night (since we like to sleep with it cold.) And just talking for a few minutes before the day gets started. I love it. Sunday we snuggled for a whole two hours talking about whatever craziness we talked about. None of it was that serious, mainly it was two hours of whatever list of inside jokes we went through, but it was wonderful. Again, it might be the best part of marriage so far. I LOVE it!!

Married people, what's the best part of marriage to you?

Well, there you have it, a whole post that is NOT movie related...and you thought I couldn't do it? Well, no fear, we'll be back to movie reviews soon, Mr. B and I have 4 movies to see in the theaters in the next two days, so you'll have another flood of reviews coming your way!!!

<3 Mrs. B

(Oh, and another great thing, but not exclusive to marriage - random I love you texts from Mr. B. The make my heart skip a beat every time, and he just sent me one. I LOVE my HUSBAND!!!!)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Movie Review: Tangled


Original Song - "I See the Light"

According to the Academy: "An Original Song consists of words and music, both of which are original and written specifically for the motion pictures. There must be a clearly aduible, intelligible, substantive rendition (not necessarily visually presented) of both lyric and melody, used in the body of the motion picture or as the first music cue in the end credits."

Movie Review:
I REALLY enjoyed this movie. Although it was an animated film and aimed a children, I found it quite entertaining. The story of Rapunzel was told in a humorous, light hearted way. Both the characters of Rapunzel and Flynn were a pleasure to watch, but the horse, Maximus, and the chameleon, Pascal, really stole the show. I am AMAZED that this movie was not nominated for Best Animated Feature Film. It stole my heart away!!! I would have sorely missed out if this movie had not received a nomination and I would have not seen it! If you have kids, get them to it! If you don't, find a kid to take or just let the kid inside you free for an hour and forty minutes, I promise, you won't regret it!!! (Oh, and I give it an A+, like I said, GREAT MOVIE!)

Original Song Review - "I See the Light"
I can tell you, this song is AMAZING. It captures so much emotion of the characters at the point in the movie it occurs. So far I have seen 2 of the songs (and relistened to them since I got home to make sure I was thinking about the right songs for the purposes of these posts) and this FAR outshines "Coming Home" in Country Strong. This song made the movie better for me, and I love it! This song, gets an A+.

So, those are all of the movies we've seen to date for the Oscars, but there will be more to come. Maybe tomorrow I'll give everyone a not movie related post...we'll see!!

<3 Mrs. B

Movie Review: Rabbit Hole


Actress in a Leading Role - Nicole Kidman

According to the Academy: "A performance by an actor or actress in any role shall be eligible for nomination either for the the leading role or supporting role categories. If, however all the dialogue has been dubbed by another actor, the performance shall not be eligible for award consideration. Singing that is dubbed will not affect the performer's eligibility unless it constitutes the entire performance. The determination as to whether a role is a leading or supporting role shall be made individually by members of the branch at the time of balloting."

Movie Review: Beware! Spoilers!!
This movie is VERY sad. Matter of fact, I don't think there's a happy spot in the movie, just less sad points. (Although, the movie is never beat you down sad, it ultimately leaves you hopeful.)  The movie involves Becca Corbett (Nicole Kidman) and Howie Corbett (Aaron Eckhart) coping with the loss of their young son. I have not experienced the loss of a child, but I have watched my parents experience the loss of a child, and this film did a great job of exploring the pain and anguish parents feel after the loss of a child. The movie also did a good job of inputting some of the different challenges that would effect a parent who had lost a child.

Best Actress in a Leading Role Review:
Nicole Kidman provided a very good performance of Becca Corbett. She created a very three dimensional character where it was very easy to make a flat character. I really appreciated that you could see that she was trying to live day to day life, but you quickly could find the grief underneath and the pain it was causing. I would give her performance an A+. 

Up next: Tangled

<3 Mrs. B

Movie Review: Country Strong


Music - Original Song "Coming Home"

From the Academy Awards' website: "An original song consists of words and music, both of which are original and written specifically for the motion picture. There must be a clearly audible, intelligible, substantive rendition (not necessarily visually presented) of both lyric and melody, used in the body of the motion picture or as the first music cue in the end credits.

Movie Review:
This movie was pretty good. The story of a country singer who has been taken out of rehab early and the struggles she goes through after returning to the stage, while not very original, was very well done. (And when I say the movie is not original, not only can we find many stars who have lived this life, we also can find that this movie is pretty much a remake of Crazy Heart (2009) and Tender Mercies (1983).) There's nothing wrong with remakes in any form so long as they are well done. And, in movies involving singers, if the soundtrack is good. And, I would say that this movie accomplishes it. I found that while the main character, Kelly Canter (Gwyneth Paltrow) is who you are supposed to be most relating too, I instead was interested more in Beau Hutton (Garrett Hedlund) and Chiles Stanton (Leighton Meester). No matter, I still enjoyed the movie, and was better off since the happier ending was for Beau and Chiles and sadly not Kelly Canter. Beware, the ending is sad, but there is still much to be taken from the movie. I give the movie a B+.

Original Song Review:
The song, "Coming Home" is the song nominated for The Oscar, and while it is good, it didn't blow me away. It didn't help me relate to the characters or the story. So, while the song is good and it meets the requirements the Academy has set forth for nomination, there have been better songs put out this year in my opinion. There are even different songs in the movie I find better. (Although some don't qualify for the Oscars). The title song, "Country Strong", is better and I would find it much more deserving of the Oscar nomination than "Coming Home" so long as it meets the qualifications (and Mr. B's research indicates that it is.)

So, there's another review, and prepare yourself for many more!!

<3 Mrs. B

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Favorites - 2 of the 100 Greatest (English Language) Films of All Time

Mr. B and I both love movies tremendously. (As should be gathered from our willingness to watch 41 movies in 32 days.) And when you watch as many movies as we have, you quickly come to find that you have many favorites. Today, for Friday Favorites, we're going to look at my 2 favorite movies from AMC's list of the 100 Greatest (English-Language) Films. There are several different lists, this is just the one I chose to use. (I didn't check, but I'm sure my 2 favorites will be included on any list!)

Friday Favorite #1:
Gone with the Wind

I have loved this movie since high school. My mom had it on VHS, and I watched it. And then, I fell in love. I fell  in love with the movie. I fell in love, and still found a way to loathe, Scarlett. And when I saw Rhett Butler at the bottom of the stairs at Twelve Oaks, I knew I was in love with Clark Gable, Rhett Butler, and the story of the south that Margret Mitchell so eloquently put first into words. The movie instantly was my favorite.

And if you say you don't like it, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." (And no, there was no fine for this line as we are led to believe!)

Friday Favorite #2:

This is another movie I watched pretty much because it was on the shelf and why not? And I love it. It's another classic, and it's great. You have Humphrey Bogart playing the suave Rick. And who doesn't love Humphrey Bogart. And Sam. And Ilsa. And Victor. What can I say. Here's to lookin' at you, kid. And sure, let's play it again, Sam. (Even though that is NEVER said in the movie!)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Movie Review: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Part 1


Best Visual Effects
Best Art Direction

Visual Effects: According to, visual effects are "the various processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside of the context of a live action shoot."
Art Direction: According to, art direction is "the overall visual appearance and how [the movie] communicates visually, stimulates moods, contrasts features, and pschologically appeals to a target audience."

Movie Review: Beware, Spoilers!
Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. I have only watched the Harry Potter movies in conjuction with the Oscar Nominations, so unfortunately, some of the story has been lost on me. I am about to figure out how to read all of the books, since despite the years it's still pretty darn difficult to get the books out of the public library. I will say, my biggest problem with the movies has been how dark they have been getting. I get that's how the story goes, but, it's overall been very dark. And, that's what I've been preparing myself for the past few days. But, when I saw it, I was surprised how this movie wasn't quite so dark. (Although, I'm expecting the next movie to be darker than this one.) When the movie first started, I kind of felt like I was back with an old friend and we didn't catch up but just kept moving forward from where we were and never discussed the past. It was a lot of work for me to remember what had happened and I felt lost at first, but after the first few minutes, we were back right in step again. I really enjoyed that about it. Overall, I just generally enjoyed the movie. It was very well done, as all of the movies have been, and I was just generally impressed. I liked that the movie had some scenes in it that weren't dark and allowed for greater use of color and light.

So, I guess I really need to review visual effects and art direction. Last night when Mr. B asked me about my opinion of the movie based on the movie's nominations, I just really didn't have an answer. It took me until lunch today to digest the movie to give it an actual review.

Visual Effects Review:
Some things in this movie are clearly visual effects (read the smoke monster [LOST fanatic here, I'm not translating well to HP] bad guys) but somethings I can only assume are visual effects (read, the snow) and I'm sure there are some things that I just don't realize are visual effects. I'm going to give HP an "A" on visual effects. Any wizardry stuff and things I know are visual effects, don't look like visual effects. They seem to blend well with the live action and for me, that's a sign of good visual effects.
Art Direction Review:
I can see why this movie got nominated for Best Art Direction. It really is good. Why? Because I can remember the emotions I felt, relate them to the scene that caused the emotion. I would give the Art Direction an "A" as well. The reason why this does not get an A+ is beacuse I was led to believe this was going to be a much darker movie than it was. Do I think both parts together might overall have a very dark tone, yes. But, since the art direction is responsible for relaying this information to me I can't give it the full grade.

So, the movie was great, the visual effects and art direction were superb. I really enjoyed this movie and can ask for little more than the movie provided. So, that's my review. It's the first of the season, so these inevitably will get better, just shaky legs to start!

<3 Mrs.  B.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

RED (carpet ties)

Back, awhile ago, you may remember a movie called RED coming out in theaters. It's an action, comedy flick starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freemen, Helen Mirren, Mary Louise Parker and...Randy Wade Kelley.

The movie is GREAT. I enjoyed it tremendously. The action scenes are awesome. Especially the scene where Bruce Willis and Mary Louise Parker are on Decatur street (well technically they may be on N. Peters, but who's really paying attention...) and Bruce Willis jumps out of the car while it spins, doesn't get hit by the car, manages to pull out his gun and shoot the other guy. It's just a well choreographed scene.

And the opening scene where Bruce Willis' house is demolished by machine guns to the point it falls down is hilarious. They did a great job making the violent scenes just a bit humorous.

And then, Mary Louise Parker's character needs a paramedic. Enter Randy Wade Kelley, complete with speaking lines.

Now, you must be wondering by now, why I care about this guy who has one short role in the movie and doesn't even actually get a name. (Seriously, go to IMDB and you'll find his official name in the credits and everything is "Paramedic".) The reason I care is Randy Wade Kelley is my cousin. Yep. I'm related to a movie star...ok, I'm using movie star pretty loosely there, but it's still totally cool!!!

It was strange. When he said his line, I recognized the voice. I knew the voice. Like I said, it was strange. Totally cool, but strange.

So, now I will shamelessly plug the movie for one moment more. If you've seen it, buy it, it came out on DVD yesterday. If you haven't seen it, see it, like it and then buy it. And know that through just a couple of degrees of seperation you are now connected to a bunch of celebrities!

<3 Mrs. B

PS: In case you don't get the title of post (Which I think is just pure cleverness!) RED is the name of the movie. (It stands for Retired Extremely Dangerous) And movie stars walk on red carpets. So, I'm talking about my ties to red carpets and the movie RED.  So yep. There you have it...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And the Oscar goes to...

I am THRILLED!!! Today is the day that the Oscar nominations were announced and this begins the most jam packed movie watching time line of my year. We have 32 days to see 37 movies, 5 documentaries, 5 documentary shorts, and 10 shorts (animated and live action.) And, I love it!! (Bones will apparently be going on hold.)

Today, most likely, Mr. B is going to create our chart that will guide our life. It will have everything on it. It tells us what's on dvd and what's in the theatre and what we will not be able to see because it is neither. (I HATE when this happens!) And, we are willing to do crazy things to try and see EVERYTHING.

In 2009, the first year we did this, we drove an hour away to go see 2 movies that were being shown in the theater we would not have been able to see otherwise (Rachel Getting Married and Doubt.) We got home very late (we did see 2 films in a row and had to drive home.) The next day we got up and spent all day at the theater seeing the AMC Best Picture Showcase. It was AWESOME!!!

Now, so that you know what the AMC Best Picture Showcase is (besides the highlight of our year...). AMC on 2 consecutive Saturday's shows all of the Best Picture Nominations. 5 on the first Saturday, 5 on the second Saturday. We're usually at the movie theater for 14 - 15 hours on those 2 Saturdays. And, it is fabulous!! Now, the good thing is, that by doing this we see 10 films in 2 days and these 10 films cover almost half of the movie nominations. So, it's like cramming for the test. You go in on these 2 days, and I'll bring a pillow, blanket, etc. into the theatre. You pick your seat and you're there all day. Next to the same people. As a general rule, people don't take your seat as long as you leave something on your chair. And at 2 different points you have long enough to run to somewhere close to eat. But, it's one of the few chances you get to eat all of the theater food you want. You're there for 2 meals, snacks etc. It's an experience, but it's not for the faint of heart. From one Saturday to the next Saturday we'll spend an entire day at the movie theater. Not to mention any other movies we watch at home or at other theaters.

A local theater plays all of the shorts and we will see those there. Some things are harder to find to see than others, but it's worth it to us.

Again, I LOVE this experience. This will be our third year doing this and we start looking forward to it before Christmas and long before the nominations.

Now, so that you can know, here are all of the films we have to see. (The first 10 are Best Picture Nominations.)

Black Swan
The Fighter
Inception (Before Nominees Announced)
The Kids Are All Right (Before Nominees Annouced)
The King's Speech
127 Hours
The Social Network
Toy Story 3
True Grit
Winter's Bone
Rabbit Hole (January 27, Canal Place Theatre)
Blue Valentine 
The Town (Before Nominees Announced)
Animal Kingdom
How to Train Your Dragon
Dogtooth (Foreign)
In a Better World (Foreign)
Incendies (Foreign)
Outside the Law (Foreign)
Another Year (February 6, Elmwood)
Alice in Wonderland
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I (Jan. 26, West Bank AMC)
I Am Love (February 5, Netflix Instant Stream)
The Tempest
Country Strong (January 27, West Bank AMC)
Tangled (January 29, Elmwood)
Barney's Version
The Way Back (February 3, Elmwood)
The Wolfman
TRON: Legacy
Iron Man 2 (Before Nominees Announced)

Exit Through the Gift Shop (February 7, Netflix Instant Stream
Inside Job (February 3, Elmwood)
Waste Land

Documentary Short Subject:
Killing in the Name
Poster Girl
Strangers No More
Sun Comes Up
The Warrior of Qiugang

Animated Shorts:
Day & Night
The Gruffalo
Let's Pollute
The Lost Thing
Madagascar, Carnet de Voyage (Madagascar, A Journey Diary)

Live Action Shorts:
The Confession
The Crush
God of Love
Na Wewe
Wish 143

Alright. I'm sure this is more information than you want, but I hope you enjoyed! Now, you'll probably hear way too much about these movies over the next month...but then it'll be back to life as normal then!

<3 Mrs. B

*Updated Jan. 26 - movies we have seen have been crossed.
*Updated Jan. 27 - 2 movies seen
*Updated Jan. 28 - 3 movies seen
*Updated Feb. 7 - 7 movies seen

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Wedding Album - Post 1

The past week or so has been dedicated to our Wedding Album. So, this post is also dedicated to our wedding album.

My original plan was to get the album printed through Shutterfly, and I will still have some things printed via Shutterfly but our "formal" album is going to be printed through another company. 

One of the big decisions of this project has been trying to determine where to get our album printed at. I didn't like a photo book for our formal album, so I wanted something else and that's where my search started. I looked at MPix, and I will likely use them for some of the other printing I will want. But, their albums didn't quite meet the specifications I had. The biggest requirement I had for this album was the ability to do panoramic spreads and this is not possible with Mpix because of the gutters on their pages. So, I went on a search and found the company I am going to use, Their prices are phenomenal. I can get a 50 page book, with thick album pages and great prints with the ability for panoramic pages for $91.95 on a 10in x 10in album. At Mpix, a 40 page 10in x 10in album is $265 before any upgrades. Will I necessarily use 50 pages? No, most likely not, so it will only be cheaper than $91.95. I dig it.

The other big decision with the albums was, how on God's green earth am I going to create this sucker? I tried Adobe Photoshop 6.0 (long story how I got it for free, but I did and legitimately.) I just couldn't do what I wanted to do with it, and I needed to find something else. So, I tried out Gimp. It's another photo editing software, it's free and has much of the functionality of Photoshop. It's awesome. I liked using it. But again, I wanted to create my own pages and this still wouldn't do what I wanted it to do. So, I decided to check out Adobe's website and see what their products might offer me. And I found Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. I was able to get a free 30 day trial from Adobe's website and I can say I am highly pleased. The program is $100 and it does exactly what I want it to do. I find the learning curve is much less than that of Photoshop, even something as old as Photoshop 6.0. But, it has the things I was looking for. It really is the best of both worlds. It's the lowest product in the Adobe Photoshop line and it is exactly what I need. Your basic photo editing mixed with the ability to complete many projects with you want to complete. I am in LOVE with this program!

So, now, after a week worth of working with the software, I am starting to get the hang of doing the things I want to do. And I've even completed a few pages. I have complete my pages on a 20in x 10in background because allows you to upload both pages as one (awesome feature that I love!). So, each picture is 2 pages, side by side. Enjoy a few of our wedding pictures and see the first few pages of our wedding album. I can't wait to do some more work on these!!!

The Bride!!!! (That's me!!! Mrs. B!!!!)
Before I even started the album I knew I wanted this layout.
 (The black and white background picture struck me as perfect for this
layout the first time I saw it. I'm glad that I found a way to make it so!) 

The Groom!!!! (That's Mr. B!)

The Bridesmaids & Flowergirls!
 I am absolutely LOVING the experience of creating my own wedding album. I really didn't realize when I took the approach to the wedding photography I did that I would enjoy it this much. I think the best part of the experience so far is knowing that MY favorite photos are the ones being displayed. I've seen EVERY photo taken of our wedding (From the official photographer) and know that I like these best. It's awesome!!!

Hope you enjoyed!!

<3 Mrs. B

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Favorites - 2 Favorite Blog Posts

On my food blog, Domestic Diva's Delicious Dishes, I have started posts that will occur weekly. For instance, I have Menu Monday. It's the day I post my menu for the week. And, I'm about to start Weekend Wrap-Up, once this weekend is over, of course. But, I realized, I didn't have anything on this blog that was weekly, and I like the idea of it.

Why do I like the idea of it?

Honestly, I like the routine of it. I like that (with my food blog especially) it encourages me in some part of my life. For instance, Menu Monday helps me get my act together for the week, get a menu and go to the grocery store. And Friday Favorites is going to be a chance just to slow down and think about the things I enjoy in life. Life is busy and sometimes, we just forget to enjoy it. So, that's what Friday Favorites is about, remembering to enjoy life.

So, our Friday Favorites topic of the day today is in honor of the very thing we are both enjoying right now - blogging. Today's Friday Favorite - 2 Favorite Blog Posts.

This was a difficult decision, as I have read so many and always find myself looking at something new, so, I picked 2 that stuck out in my mind. And, since the title of the blog is, It Takes Two, it will take two favorites to fulfill the wishes of this blog post.

Friday Favorite #1:
I love this post because it includes those beautiful cakes that make me so happy. The cakes featured in this post have some of the detail piping that makes my heart sing. When I'm having a bad day, I can just look at these posts for hours and feel my mood improve by the minute. The Wrecks are hilarious at Cake Wrecks, but honestly, I read for the Sunday Sweets.

Friday Favorite #2:
This post is from my sister-in-law's blog and it was a very exciting post to see. It came just a mere 3 days after Mr. B & I were married and it just made the fact that we were married a little more real. Not to mention, who doesn't like their wedding & wedding pictures out there for the world to know about? It was the biggest day of my life and I loved getting to see pictures of it and see how it was a good thing for someone besides me. Lindsay, I think I was too newly married to really even comment on your blog at this point, but everything you had to say in this was totally the coolest! I'm glad that you got so much out of it too!!

So, there are my Friday Favorites this week. Take this as your friendly, Friday reminder to slow down and enjoy life. It's the weekend and a great time to put it into practice!!

<3 Mrs. B

Thursday, January 20, 2011

When Did I Grow Up???

When Mr. B & I were on our Honeymoon/Vacation, we stopped in Charlotte, NC to see Mr. B's best friends. While we were there we had a wonderful time. We enjoyed seeing them and their two kids, Little Gene & Little Bug and it was extrememly sad to leave them! But, this isn't about that.

This is about our first night there and my experience while we were at dinner. We had to decided to go to Carraba's for dinner, The M's, their 2 kids (Little Gene & Little Bug) and us. We were in 2 cars, Mr. B, Momma M, and Little Bug in one, Gene, Little Gene & me in the other and it was raining. And it was cold. So, we were dropped at the door with Little Gene and I going in first to get on the list with Momma M & Little Bug right behind us and Mr B and Gene parking the cars.

So, Little Gene and I walked up to the hostess station to request a table. I start off strong, 4 adults, and slightly hesitently, 1 child (Little Gene is 5 - I don't usually go to dinner with kids...) and very hesitently, 1 high chair...I guess (Little Bug is 7 months and boy is she a cutie!!...I don't usually go to dinner with babies either. Also, who knew that they had those cool slings for the baby carriers? I promise, I didn't until this trip!) And, with all of this hesitation, the hostess is looking at me with this look. And this look seems to say "what type of parent are you? You don't know what you need to take your kids to dinner?"

Now, I try to throw her back that look that says "how dare you assume that these are my children and I'm a horrible teenage mom..." and that's the moment it hits me, I mean really hits me. I'm no longer some teenager watching kids that aren't mine and shouldn't be assumed as such.

There, standing in Carrabas in Charlotte, NC is when it hits me, I'm 23, an adult, married and could, legitimately, have kids.

It was a strange revelation. I spent a lot of dinner that night trying to grasp the idea that I'm an adult now. I'm grown up. And that leads to the bigger question:


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My New Best Friend!!

AKA: Shutterfly.

Right before Mr. B & I took our Honeymoon in December (did I tell you, we took our Honeymoon in December? No? Ok. I'll tell you all about that soon.) our photographer gave us all of the digital photos from our wedding. All 2,500 of them. No, that is not an exaggeration. Yes, I really have 2,500 photos to look through. And Yes, it is more wonderful than one could imagine.

And, since we're imagining, we may as well imagine ourselves on shutterfly doing REALLY cool things with these photos. For instance, the most recent goal has been creating a calendar with all of those AWESOME pictures. And, as of last night, that has been completed!! Now, sometime between January 23 and January 29, my calendar should be delivered to my house! Yippee!!  I'm sooooo excited!!!

I can't wait to have some of our photos from the wedding in print where I can hold them in my hands! And, I can't wait to bring it to work to show everybody. They all have asked so many times about pictures I'm starting to think that they doubt I actually got married. (j/k). But, I got a copy of the calendar just for work and I can't wait to take it up there and show it off! I'm just thrilled that I have wedding pictures coming in print!!!

So, no more than 2 weeks from today, I should have a calendar in my hands, and I am thrilled!! The next goal: a wedding album. I might finish that this year...if I'm lucky!!!

<3 Mrs. B

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Wedding in November, A Baby Shower in December

Not all for me, of course!!! Like I said in an earlier post, I get to become an official aunt in February. (I know it is so stinkin' close!) And I am THRILLED!!!

This is going to be L&L's first baby and as many firsts as it is for them, it's also a lot of "firsts" for me, too!!

For instance, it's the first time I got  to help host a baby shower! And, I am so glad I got to help do this for Lindsay! She's like another sister to me and I'm so happy for her! It was quite an experience, this shower was. This was her "lady" friends shower, as she called it and it included a lot of her mom's teacher friends. In case you don't know, teachers are about the hardest people in the world to get to pay attention. And, what's funny is they all will tell you that too. And so, that was my job, to make them listen!! It was a challenge but I loved every minute of it!

I have to say, for me, the saddest part was not being able to help with the planning part. Because I was so busy wedding planning, Lindsay's other sister-in-law did all of the planning. She picked the games, the cake, all of that. And she did a FABULOUS job. But, I am sad that I was too busy to do any of the planning. (Actually, I did pick out the fabulous, cute invitations and the theme. But, I was so sad to stop there!) And, I am so glad that Rebekah was able to do the planning. And, really, it worked out perfectly. Rebekah doesn't like to do the in front of the crowd stuff, and I don't mind do it. So, we were able to balance out! But, I so sorely miss not being able to help with the planning more.

I give Rebekah many props for taking an idea from my head and making it look SOOO amazing!! I had no idea until I showed up what she had come up with and she did amazing!

So, here are a couple of pictures:

In the back: The fabulously, cute invitations I found!!
(They match the baby's room theme!)
And the amazing cake Rebekah had made!

The Proud Aunt-To-Be and the Proud Mommy-to-Be!

Me, Lindsay and Rebekah - planner extrodanaire!!
It was beautiful and I'm glad that we were able to do this shower for Lindsay. I can't be more excited for L&L than I am. I just don't think it's possible!

Oh, and the sad part of the day, when we realized we only have one more shower to do for our little group!! We knocked out a third of our possible showers in 3 months of 2010!! We had my bridal shower and Lindsay's baby shower. Showers completed previous to 2010 include Lindsay's wedding shower and Rebekah's wedding shower and baby shower. So, that leaves only my baby shower (when the time comes!) left for us to have! I have already let everyone know that Mr. B and I plan on holding off a while on that! We'll all have to savor it when it comes!

So, here's another chapter of life opening up!! Baby B, your Aunt Betty can't wait to meet you!!!

<3 Mrs. B/Aunt Betty

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Day!

Also known as my most favorite holiday!

Christmas is great. I really enjoy Christmas. And it holds a very close second place to Thanksgiving on my favorite holidays list. But, for me, Thanksgiving isn't practice for Christmas. I like that on Thanksgiving there is no pressure. With Christmas there's gift giving pressure, there's Christmas cards, decorating, cooking, family, possibly traveling. Lots of things. (And, don't get me wrong, I LOVE doing all of those things!)

But, I love that on Thanksgiving we all get together, eat DELICIOUS food, and (except this year) play a game. I enjoy heading over to L&L's in the evening and planning for Black Friday. I enjoy that there is no pressure yet and we just hang out. The time we spend together is just so pleasant. It's my favorite holiday. 

Again, I love Christmas. It really does follow a close second place to Thanksgiving. So, without any further waiting (and really, if you've waited this long, what's a few more words?) here a few pictures! 
Mr. & Mrs. B!
Our FIRST Thanksgiving married!

Me and My Sister-in-Law.

Our whole family after a day full of eating.
Sadly, this year, there was a little bit of a change in our eat, play Scattergories and go plan for Black Friday shopping. The Saints (Who Dat!) were playing, so Scattergories sat untouched. And, some of our party had to make other stops. It was a lot of change, but the day was still good!

Lindsay & I heading out for Black Friday Shopping.
In the honor of keeping tradition, Lindsay and I headed out for a little, and I do mean a little Black Friday shopping. We went only to Wal-Mart to catch a few small midnight deals. We got what we wanted and went home but we did make sure to get our traditional photo in front of the door with the clock. 

Well, that's Thanksgiving 2010. Changes abounded, and there will be more changes with 2011 as L&L will have introduced Baby B into the mix, but, if there is anything 2010 taught us, is that we can handle the change! And really, Baby B will be great change and the whole family can't wait!

<3 Mrs. B

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wedding Cake

I love baking. It's literally my most favorite thing to do. I love to make a cake and decorate it. And more than anything, a beautiful cake makes me happy. So, I read about cakes, randomly do google searches on cakes, and generally just enjoy the happiness a truly beautiful cake brings me. And, I keep a folder of cakes that have really made me happy on my desktop. So, when I want to see something, I can just open that folder. And, sadly, I have been so busy, I haven't even looked at the folder for months (although I have added to it). So, today, I was just glancing through that folder and I found this:

This, is the inspiration cake for my wedding cake. I saved it to the "cakes" folder on my desktop on November 14, 2009. Oh, how I surprise myself. You see, I didn't look at this folder (and therefore, did not see this picture) for over a year. And today, when I saw the picture for the first time since I saved it, I was surprised. You see, I saved this picture one year to the day before our wedding. And forgot about it. And then, fell in love with it all over again and used it as inspiration for the cake that became mine. What are the odds that you fall in love with the same anything twice, much less the same wedding cake?

Let me tell you, it boils down to God is awesome. I love beautiful cakes. (I know you're thinking, Betty, you've said that already. And I have, but I want us to be clear. I love beautiful cakes. They make me happy.) And, the fact of the matter is, this is one place Mr. B and I choose to splurge and spend the money to have something nice. And we chose to do that because of my love for cakes. And, to know that I loved the same cake twice really shows how much I like the cake the inspired mine. And let me tell you, I loved my cake!

So, here are a couple of pictures of my cake. I love it, it makes me happy. Oh, and it was delicious!

Our Cake! We chose not to have the beautiful sugar flowers
on the cake because they are so expensive.
Instead, we chose to have icing roses.
This kept the simplicity I loved, and my budget in line!

A close-up of the detail on our cake. If you look closely,
the inspiration cake has dots on the side.
We chose to use tiny fleur de lis instead
in honor of the city we live in - New Orleans.

I just love this picture of the cake.
In the background you can see the champagne glasses
my sister got us as a gift. Aren't they fabulous!!
Our cake was beautiful and delicious and so very worth the money we spent on it! I ate 3 pieces of it at the wedding!! It was standard wedding cake, with buttercream icing and lemon or pineapple filling. Mmm. I want another piece just thinking about it!!!

<3 Mrs. B

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blogging is an Inspiration

I've never been one to really keep a diary or journal. It's just not something I've ever really been motivated enough to do with regularity. But, there's something about blogging that's just different. I hate leaving my blog alone too long (despite the recent trend!). I always want to come write something and post some pictures. It's just an easier way to keep up with what's happening in my life for some reason.

The biggest change, so far, has been my desire to take pictures of what we do is greater. I want to be able to write what has happened and have a few pictures to document. I'm still getting working on taking the photos. I've finally found our camera and charged the battery and I'm taking it with me places. The harder part is getting used to taking photos.

I'm pretty self-confident and secure being myself. I struggle with moments of insecurity but overall, I'm a confident person. Strangely though, with a camera in my hands I feel self-concious and obnoxious. It's a real struggle for me to pull out my camera and snap pictures. I'm working on it though. I'm reminding myself that in 50 years, I'm not going to remember the insecurity with the camera, but the moments which it captures.

As I look at the pictures I have taken over the past couple of months, and consider the blogs forming in my head, I already appreciate taking the pictures! Now, I am trying to take as many as I can (and when necessary, I am getting Mr. B to take as many as he can as well!)

So, here's to blogging, here's to inspiration - no matter what form it comes in, and here's to a new, picture-filled 2011!!

<3 Mrs. B
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