Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wedding Planning Fun!!

So, today marks the 1 week point until our wedding!! I can't believe in 7 short days I'm going to be Mrs. B!!!! (A whole page of exclamation points wouldn't show my excitement so I'll stop here!)

My big goal for this weekend was to get all of the different timelines, duties & expectations for everyone written down so that my big day runs with some ease. Let me tell you any other brides-to-be, this is crazy work. It's enough work to make any bride INSANE! You think I'm kidding. When else must you coordinate family & friends to such an extreme. Hair appointments and pictures can drive a person to the fine line that can be called insanity. For any of you who are trying to get started, I'll add my timeline/schedule below. This was set for a 1:00 PM wedding with the ceremony and reception occuring in the same hall. Good luck in planning out the minute details for your own wedding and know that when you finish, you will feel VERY accomplished!!

I guess I should say that this previous week has been entirely stress-filled. I was trying to take on too many tasks and fact is, I don't have the time. Yesterday the first of our out-of-town guests began arriving with more arriving on Wednesday and the final ones arriving on Saturday. I am having a full house of friends staying at mine & Mr. B's humble abode and so, I have the additional stress of ensuring that my house properly suited for guests on top of the standard stress! Understand, I happily take on this stress. It is making it financially easier for several of my friends to come to my wedding and wouldn't trade their presence at my wedding for anything. So, I try to take the stress in stride (and by knowing that Mr. B and I are getting massages on the day after our wedding!)

Well, below is the most all-encompassing timeline I created. I broke this down for each of my bridesmaids & the groom, groomsmen and other involved as appropriate. Also, note that I did not have a caterer and our bakery was unavailable to deliver the cake so we have some additional things added for our circumstances. Please, edit as appropriate!!

The Soon-to-be Mrs. B!

5:00 AM    Girls meet at L&L's to get ready.
10:30 AM   Guys leave to go to location.
10:45 AM   Food, Cake, Decorations to location.
11:00 AM   Girls leave to go to location.
           Guys begin pictures.
           Location is available.
           Food, Cake, Decorations arrive.
11:15 AM   Betty puts on her dress at the location.
11:30 AM   Girls – final touch-ups for pictures.
11:45 AM   Girls begin pictures.
           Guys hangout and relax.
12:30 PM   Girls finish pictures.
           Girls hangout, relax, final touch-ups.
           Hall is finished being decorated.
12:45 PM   Places!!!
           Girls – back room/kitchen area.
           Guys – bathroom area.
           Band begins playing for ceremony.
1:00 PM    Ceremony Starts.
1:30 PM    Ceremony finishes.
1:35 PM    Band begins playing reception music.
1:45 PM    Reception Starts.
           Guest can begin eating & mingling.
           Formal pictures begin.
           No rain: Outside by chapel.
           Rain: Inside along side wall.
2:30 PM    Announce Mr. & Mrs. B
2:35 PM    First Dance – Audrey
2:40 PM    Father/Daughter Dance – Cinderella
2:45 PM    Mother/Son Dance –
2:50 PM    Cake Pulls
3:00 PM    Cut the Cake.
3:05 PM    Bride & Groom eat lunch.
           Best Man’s toast.
3:10 PM    Maid of Honor’s toast.
3:15 PM    Bride & Groom mingle.
3:45 PM    Bouquet Toss
3:50 PM    Garter Toss
3:55 PM    Announce After Party.
4:00PM     Reception ends.
           Bride & Groom Leave.
4:05 PM    Bride & Groom come back.
           Clean up begins.
5:00 PM    Rental of Hall is up.
           Clean up must be finished.
           After party - all invited!

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