Monday, November 29, 2010

Our First Dinner Guests & A New, COMFY Mattress!

On Monday we had our first dinner guests, Mr B's brother & sister-in-law! As frequently happens, the evening wasn't planned to include dinner, but ended up that way. It started out as a mattress swap. Mr. B and I got a bedroom set and a mattress from Mr B's Nanny. We're really happy with the furniture but the mattress was just a bit too firm for our taste. So, after just a week worth of bad sleep Mr. B and I decided to exchange the mattress for his old one. This was something as we had to move a king sized mattress upstairs!

Mr. B's brother & the Taco-ed Mattress

The Taco-ed Mattress continues it Upstairs Climb!

Mr. B pushes the Taco-ed Mattress up the stairs! Yay for Comfy-ness!!

 After all of this hard work Mr. B and I still needed to eat dinner and in true fashion as occurs with L&L when we hang out, the four of us ended up eating dinner together. It was nothing fancy, just red beans & rice with sausage, but it was still our first dinner guests. When we finished eating I decided we needed to photograph the occasion! Here's what followed!

Here's L&L (Mr. B's brother & Sister-in-Law)

Photo Op 1: Not quite right - Mr. B is cutting himself out of the photo!

Photo Op 2: Still not quite right - Mr. B cut himself FURTHER out of the picture!

Photo Op 3: We could have stopped here BUT, we're all looking up - A LOT.

Photo Op 4: This is our next try, instead of Mr. B Holding the Camera, we set it on the table.
We didn't like this because we had the opposite problem of the last picture - we're all looking down!

Photo Op 5: Almost there! This is being taken with the phone sitting in the cabinets.
BUT! it's a little dark. Therefore, we decided to try ONE MORE TIME!

Photo Op 6: We're finally an acceptable picture!
To Avoid the darkness, we turned off the light behind and used a flashlight for additional light!
Also, until I uploaded the photo here, I didn't realize there was ring from the flashlight making things a little odd!

The photo op had me in stitches...for something I thought would be so easy, well, it was quite an ordeal, but the experience was great and the company even better. Right after this, L&L went home and Mr. B and I cleaned up. It was a great end to the night and a nice change. Mr. B & I have ate spur-of-the moment dinners at L&L's so many times we've all lost count and it was nice to finally have them eat at OUR place! It really helped me feel a little more married!

Stay tuned, folks. We've got a couple of more experiences to relay. Such as Christmas Tree Shopping, Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping!!

<3 Mrs. B

P.S.  Yes, Mr. B & his brother are wearing different clothes from moving the mattress and after dinner. No, they didn't change. The first set of pictures is from when we moved the original mattress in but, I didn't get pictures of the mattress exchange...but really, the only thing that changed was the clothes - the new mattress was moved via taco-ing and pushing it upstairs!

P.P.S. You can see my sister-in-law sporting her baby bump - my FIRST OFFICIAL neice or nephew!! I am SOOOO excited!!!


remes_a said...

That would have been a good idea to taco the mattress upstairs. We didn't think of that. It was just Alex and I, mainly Alex, getting it up the stairs.

texlilo said...

LOL! Sounds like a lot of fun.

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