Saturday, November 20, 2010

The New Mrs. B!!!

Well, on Sunday Mr. B and I tied the knot!! It was by far the best day of my life!

We planned our wedding over 6 months and to see the outcome was just wonderful. It was amazing to see the things we had worked so hard on come together. Mr. B & I have wonderful friends and family who really helped our wedding be better than I planned. Everyone did so much for us and I could never thank them enough! We were on a super budget, but I don't think anyone really could tell. The room was gorgeous, the food delicious, and a great time was had by all! And, best of all, I'm now Mrs. B!! I am in my dress:

Note: I made all of the bouquets with carnations. They looked gorgeous, not to mention, carnations do well when not in water. (And they work great on a budget!)

Here's Mr. B!

To add a little pizzaz to our wedding and to fulfill a dream of Mr. B's we had the guys wear the James Bond tux! (The groomsmen wore light pink vests and long ties to tie in with the color scheme.)

The whole wedding party:
I loved how this turned out!! So classic, but the pink adds such a pop!!

The Cake:

The cake was super delicious. It was standard wedding cake, with lemon and pineapple filling. It was from Haydel's and I enjoyed 2 slices at the wedding!

A fun picture to close out the post with:

Now, I must get back to being Mrs. B!!!

<3 Mrs. B

*Photos courtesy of Conrad Pramono.

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