Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm Getting Married!!

I am about to start the most exciting journey of my life. I'M MARRYING THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!!

Here's a little about us:

I'm 23, and madly in love with Mr. B. I am so excited that in 8 days I will be getting married and will be spending the rest of my life with him. I'm looking forward to us setting upour home together over the next few months and settling into our new normal. I love to bake. I can't wait to settle down some and start baking again. It is the most relaxing thing I do. Once I'm back on the cooking bandwagon, I'll let you know. I have a cooking blog too, but it's a little neglected right now! My dream is to be a cake baker/decorator. I don't want to be the next Cake Boss or anything. But, I could potentially see myself creating delicious works of art as a potential career. Most importantly though, I'm looking forward to being Mr. B's wife. I know that starting on Nov. 14th I will start the toughest job of my life, BUT - and it truly is a big "but" - I know that it has the potential to be the most rewarding thing I'll ever do. We're both willing to work hard, so I know it's going to be rewarding. Fact is, we've worked hard to get to this point and it has been rewarding so far!

Now, a short little blurb about Mr. B. He's 31. He loves me like crazy. He's the most even-tempered person I've ever met. He challenges me to become a better person. He has his masters in history and analyzes everything. Lucky for me, he loves to travel and we've already started working on planning our first road trip as a married couple. He loves seeing stadiums. We always try to stop by any that we might be driving past. He's also interested in seeing colleges and universities. So, if we're passing those we try to stop by as well. He collects pint glasses from all of the places he goes, and we've got quite a collection. He's very unselfish and treats me wonderful and is going to make a FABULOUS husband.

So, in 8 days, we'll become husband and wife. Everything is changing. It's exciting, a little scary, but worth every effort it's ever going take. I can't's going to be an exciting journey!!!

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