Monday, November 8, 2010

Aunt Betty

For 23 years my name has been Mary Beth. It's very nice, I know.  And, it has served me well. But, for years I have dreamed of going by something else. I can't say why. It' s just always been a dream of mine. For awhile I thought of going by Liz, but as I started seriously considering it this past year, I just wasn't quite happy with it. And that's when I thought of the name Betty. When you say Betty, people think of Betty Grable, Bette Davis and other gorgeous, classic women. I was hooked! Even when Mr. B said all he could think of was Ugly Betty, I knew I had found the name I wanted. And the timing couldn't have been more perfect!

See, as the soon to be Mrs. B, I have found myself becoming an Aunt. First Mr. B's best friends have 2 kids, so through them I have gained the title of "Aunt" unofficially. And second, and most excitingly, Mr. B's brother & his wife (we'll call them L&L) are pregnant with Baby B (they aren't finding out if it's a boy or girl and we all call it Baby B...their last name, and Mr.B's, obviously, starts with a "B"), which will be my first official neice or nephew.

I have found that Mary Beth is just hard for kids to pronounce. Too many syllables, and none of them are easy. They stumble all over it. But, Aunt Betty is going to be just a bit easier.

This past weekend has been very exciting. Mr. B's best friends are in town for the wedding with their 2 kids and for the first time, I've gotten to hear Aunt Betty in action. Mr. B's friends will tell their kids "Tell Uncle Gene & Aunt Betty good night." or they'll tell them "Say Hi to Aunt Betty." It has been quite an experience. I can't wait for wedding planning to be over so that I can focus just a little bit more attention on being Aunt Betty!!

<3 The Soon-to-Be Mrs. B

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Lindsay said...

glad the timing has worked out so well and you will be an "official" aunt before the baby comes :)

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